The Pagan Experience 2016

I make no guarantees of getting a post in every week, but those I do write for The Pagan Experience will be listed in here.


WK 1- September 7: Books! Tell us about a favorite book. We come across many literary adventures as students of a spiritual path. Some become familiar companions; others reference sources. Some may have been what propelled you on your current spiritual journey, or took you in a completely different direction than what you had imagined. And, then there are those that speak to every level of your soul. What’s on your shelf?

Book Review: To Walk a Pagan Path

Option #2: Through the Alphabet- K

Wk 2- September 14: A Special Teacher. Who has most inspired you in your craft? This may be an individual you have trained with or someone who you know only from the efforts and great works they have modeled. Tell us a bit about who this is and how they have made a mark in your own pursuit.

Life Teachers

Option #2: Through the Alphabet- L

Wk 3- September 21: Deity and the Divine – This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you. Tell us about your favorite Deity of Hearth and Home.

Option #2: Through the Alphabet- M

Day 1: 30 Days of Devotion : Introducing The Cailleach

Wk 4- September 28: Any writing for the letter N or a topic of your choice– I am keeping this familiar format on week 4 for those who have joined me from the Pagan Blog Project!

Day 2: 30 Days of devotion: Taking Notice


Most spiritual practices encourage the space of gratitude as part of your daily experience. But what does that mean beyond the definition of the word?

These next weeks will provide the opportunity for you to write about your definition of the word, how you enact gratitude in your workings, how it informs your actions and how you share the bounty of that with community.

So, dig deeply into the coffers of your most abundant and fruitful self as we explore Gratitude’s gifts.

5 August: Is Being Grateful Over-Rated?

18 August: Blessings, Balance, and Gratitude

23 August: Being Grateful for the Little Things

Between April and July we are going to explore the meanings of:

To Know – To Will – To Dare – To Be Silent

These Four together are known as The Four Powers of the Sphinx and the Witch’s Pyramid. But, they are not limited to a specific spiritual path and show up in varying forms and combinations within all spiritual truths.


This month our focus is:

To Will

What is it that you will (into) to be? How do you exert your will? What form does this will take as you strive towards w(W)ill to Action?

7 July 2016: The Witch’s Will

14 July 2016: Morality and Will

Follow up: When Harm None Doesn’t Work

31 July 2016: You Can – But Should You?


This month our focus is:

To Know

What is it that you know? How does what you know inform your work? How does it hinder your work? What is it you think you know that does not align with what you feel you know?

13 June 2016 To Know Who You Are

17 June 2016 To Know What You Want

27 June 2016 To Know You Can Do It



This month our focus is:

To Dare

What is it that you “Dare” to be? Does risk factor into daring? Is “Dare” a noun, or a verb?

Use this month’s writing to dig a little deeper into what this topic means to you, both at the levels of the mundane and the spiritual.

31 May 2016: Daring to Do Nothing

17 May 2016: When Witches Dare

5 May 2016: But That Isn’t Possible…

10 May 2016: Go On, I Dare You


Holding the intention of exploring more deeply what these concepts mean to you, this month our focus is:

To Be Silent

What does “silence” mean to you? How does it inform your spiritual practice? How is it expressed in your mundane life? And, what is it we are being silent about?

Use this month’s writing to dig a little deeper into what this topic means to you, both at the levels of the mundane and the spiritual…….

21 April 2016 Why I Won’t Keep Silent

14 April 2016 Embracing Silence

9 April 2016 Dare I Keep Silent?


This month the focus in on MOVING WITH GRACE

The month of March is one of beginnings and endings. This is the ebb and flow of energy that heralds new life beginning from the thaw of Winter’s grasp or the harvesting of what bounty was found in the warmth of Summer.

Some consider this flow to be a state of Grace. What is your perspective of what lay beyond transitions? How would you define the term “Grace“? And, what do we call upon to navigate those bumpier roads that derail, discourage and produce a state of dis-ease?

March 7th – Wk. 1- Graceful? Me?

March 28th – Wk. 4 – When I’m Not Living in Grace


This month the focus is on TRANSITIONS...

The month of February holds the space of germinating what has come before and what is soon to be. It is a time of holding after the excitement of January and the possibilities for a new year of change. This time of pause is necessary before work begins anew in the planting that soon will come in March. Some considerations for this topic are:

How do you define transition?
How do you identify what is a transition?
What supports it?
What are the next steps after transition?

So, use this month’s writing to share, listen and explore what “transition” means to you…

My topic choices:

Feb. 1st – Wk. 1- I’m Not Doing Nothing, I’m Transitioning

Feb. 8th – Wk. 2- Transformations aren’t always pleasant

Feb. 25th – Wk. 4- Coming Together From Transformation


This month the focus is on SPIRITUAL GROWTH...

Spiritual growth is the goal of all seekers on whatever path they may choose. All actions, learnings and practices are primed and directed towards moving forward. Some considerations for this topic are:

What do these two words mean to you?
How do you measure your growth?
What supports it?
What challenges its potential?
How does it effect change in others?

So, use this month’s writing to share, listen and explore what “spiritual growth” means to you…

My topic choices:

Week 1: Spiritual Growth in Retrospect

Week 2: Measuring the Intangible

Week 3: Is it Spiritual Growth or Spiritual Change

Week 4: My, How I’ve Grown