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Day 5: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Kith and Kin of The Cailleach

Most people try to stick The Cailleach in with the Celtic pantheon of Deities, and the rare story may try to link her to other Deities, plus of course, there are many stories pairing her with Brigid as her opposite.

Here again though, the scant bits of evidence available would seem to indicate that The Cailleach was a presence in and around the British Isles long before those first Celts ventured off the European mainland.

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Day 1: 30 Days of Devotion

The Cailleach

A brief introduction

The Cailleach is a Deity that I have been familiar with for many years, but only on the periphery. I didn’t really know a lot about Her until She started tapping me on the head last winter.

It was then that I began getting hints and messages about becoming a priestess of The Cailleach. At the beginning of March, with the help of a friend I did some journey work and spoke to Her about the idea. There She and I ironed out our agreement on what She wants from me, and what She will give me in turn.

My first task over the past 6 months has been to discover more about this ancient Goddess of the British Isles.

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