To Know What You Want

After knowing Who You Are the next step in successful spell casting is to Know What You Want. While the Universe (or God/Deity) can and does provide, it also has a tendency to give us precisely what we have been asking for, even if it isn’t what we really wanted.

Several years ago, books such as “The Secret” and on topics such as the Law of Attraction his the shelves. The authors promoted an idea that spell casters have known for ages – what you focus on, you attract.


Night Star – What Would You Wish For?

And of course, for the majority of people, when they tried the ideas set forth in these books, they didn’t work. Or they did work, but in unexpected ways giving the person something not quite what they really wanted. This happened for two very basic reasons. 1. The person had not taken the time to figure out what it was they really wanted, and 2. After spending 15 minutes of a day focusing on what they thought they did want, they then spent 23 hours 45 minutes of that day focusing on not having it.

Over the years I have done many spells. Some have worked, some have not worked.What was the difference between them?

Those spells that didn’t work, when I look back at them honestly, I really didn’t know going in what it was that  I hoped to accomplish. I didn’t ultimately know what it was that I wanted. Because I was not clear in what I wanted, I could not focus energy effectively in creating magic.

Know what you really want, look for the reasons behind the want. It’s not enough to say – “I want £500.” Unless you  just want £500 for the sake of having £500, it is a means of obtaining that which you really want. So you dig deeper, I want £500 so that…. I can pay this month’s bills, so I can go on this course, so I can repair my car.

Then dig deeper still. I want to  have enough money to pay the bills so that I feel secure and safe. I want to go on this course so that I can gain knowledge on X subject, or so that I can increase my confidence in X subject. I want to repair my car so that I can get around town more easily, or because I’m not comfortable using public transport.

Keep digging and clarifying what it is that you want. Sometimes, you won’t have to dig down layer after layer, sometimes you will.

Yeah, you can do a spell to get £500, and it may just work, but if your ultimate goal is to feel safe and secure in having enough money to pay your bills each month, you’re going to end up doing this particular spell in a panic each month when the final notice comes in the post.

A while back in an amulet reading, a combination of amulets came up which asked the question, “If you loved yourself unconditionally, what would you wish for?” Answering that question for herself as led a friend into a new lease on life as she explores and releases the fears that have kept her from following her dreams.

In the act of digging, the act of looking beyond the initial desire to what you really want underneath, you are being asked – “If you loved yourself unconditionally, what would you need?”

Just as with knowing yourself, sometimes you have to start by figuring out what you don’t want first. Only when that has been stripped away, can you know.

And when you know, then you can focus your energy and your intention completely on achieving that goal.





One thought on “To Know What You Want

  1. I agree. When you’re focused on something, and really wanted, the energy comes. It’s like an officer who can’t get sleep until he solves a case — when you want something bad enough nothing can get in your way. Beautiful post! Thank you for the wisdom. 😀

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