Embracing Silence

We live in a world filled with sounds. Even out in the countryside there are sounds of nature. Unless you are deaf, there is no escaping the sounds of daily life that surround us.

But you won’t hear them if you aren’t silent, not just through speaking but within your being. There is an art and a skill to active listening, and the first step in becoming an active listener is to Keep Silent.

I think we tend to focus on the idea of Keeping Silent as a caution against speaking about what magical or “secret” work we are doing. As a reminder to not “out” other Pagans because sadly, not every Pagan can practice their faith openly.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

When you Keep Silent you can hear the stillness within

This month, I have been shown over and over again of the importance of hearing, the importance of listening. I wrote about it briefly in the April issue of Pagan Pages where I talk about feeling disconnected due to a persistent virus and sinus congestion that has moved to my ears. Two weeks later, my ears are still blocked though I do have a bit more hearing in one ear.

And I am reminded that there is an importance in Keeping Silent.

It isn’t just a matter of not speaking. It’s a matter of listening. It’s listening to those things which cannot be heard with the ears.

But more important than keeping silent by not speaking is that of keeping silent by stilling the running commentary within. It is this voice that keeps us from Actively Listening because we are so focused on arranging our thoughts on what we think we should say next that we don’t give our full attention to what is being said.

It is only through Keeping Silent that we can still the barrage of internal thoughts and external distractions that stop us from hearing the messages that our Spirit and Soul Guides have for us.

Some people can do this through meditation, or yoga, or mindfulness. I am able to let go and find this silence through mundane tasks such as washing dishes, or knitting (provided I don’t have to conccentrate on counting stitches!) or walking in a park.

When using drumming to do shamanic work we are taught to listen to the silence between each beat. It is within that silence that we travel.

Over the past 4 years I have ventured several times to my Sacred Garden either through drumming or listening to a drumming track. I go there to speak with my guides, and they have responded not by speaking, and not by doing, but by Keeping Silence with me.

Keep Silent and hear the wisdom that is waiting for you.






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