Amulet Oracle Guidance

Are you looking for guidance in your life?

Some work with Tarot Cards,  some use Runes. I have a strong affinity for the Amulets.

Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom comes from a book and amulet set created by author and artist Nancy Blair.

I have been using the amulets for divinatory work and for insight into what is happening in my life since 1993. I’ve been doing oracle readings for others almost as long and can now offer Amulet Readings to anyone around the world.

You can find guidance from the Amulets. If you are wondering where your life is heading, or looking for guidance on what the future might hold, the Amulets can help.

Council of Elders Amulet Reading £30!

Sample Amulet Layout

Council of Elders Oracle Reading


I offer Council of Elders consultations using the Amulets either in person or through a detailed email to you which provides close up pictures of individual amulets, and in-depth guidance from each in regards to your query.


12 Month Guide £60

amulet year ahead reading

12 month guide

The 12 month oracle reading gives you  insight and guidance into what to expect in the upcoming 12 months. An individual amulet is drawn for each month, and where necessary a full Council of Elders will be drawn for further information on that month.

A Full 12 Month Guide can be done via email only. You will receive a detailed report with a picture of each amulet and the messages each has for you.

Discounts are available for those on limited income.

I accept cash payments in person or can receive payments through Paypal.

Please contact me via this form before sending any money, indicating in the message if you would like a Council of Elders or 12 Month Guide.


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