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Day 1: 30 Days of Devotion

The Cailleach

A brief introduction

The Cailleach is a Deity that I have been familiar with for many years, but only on the periphery. I didn’t really know a lot about Her until She started tapping me on the head last winter.

It was then that I began getting hints and messages about becoming a priestess of The Cailleach. At the beginning of March, with the help of a friend I did some journey work and spoke to Her about the idea. There She and I ironed out our agreement on what She wants from me, and what She will give me in turn.

My first task over the past 6 months has been to discover more about this ancient Goddess of the British Isles.

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Book Review: The Cailleach

When I discovered that The Cailleach had chosen me to be Her Priestess earlier this year I set out to discover as much as I could about her. One book that was recommended to me was The Cailleach by Rachel Patterson. From the excerpt and the recommendations, I knew that this was a book I wanted to read. The problem was that it hadn’t been released yet.

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