Spiritual Growth in Retrospect

So the question has been asked – how does one measure spiritual growth. We all talk about it, don’t we?

I want to grow spiritually. I had a lot of spiritual growth from that experience. But what does that mean? And how do we know we have grown spiritually? How do we measure it?

I’ve decided that spiritual growth can really only be looked at retrospectively. We can only see where we have grown spiritually by looking at where we have been.

I can’t look forward in time and say by next Monday I will have achieved X levels of spiritual growth. I can, however, look back at last year and say that in the previous year I have gained in confidence. I can look back at the past decade and say that I have gained in experience. I can say – I was given a task last year of finding and claiming my power, and I am now doing that.

I look back at posts that I made 3 years ago, or 4, and ask myself – have my ideas changed? Do I still think and feel the same way about everything I wrote back then? Hopefully, the answer will be no. Hopefully, my thoughts and ideas have grown, matured, and in some cases made a complete fip flop.

That’s how I know that I have grown spiritually- because I am not the same woman I was 5 years ago, or 10, or 20.







One thought on “Spiritual Growth in Retrospect

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