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Tarot, Oracles, and Trust Issues

The talking point I have chosen to look at relates to the tarot, oracles, and other forms of divination. And here’s a little something, I don’t use tarot cards. I’ve never really gotten on well with them. Sure, they seem to be a popular system of discovering future trends, but I found that when I try to use them ego gets in the way and I become biased in my interpretations.

I found that I had the same problem with other oracle cards. I don’t however, have that problem with the Goddess Amulets. With these I find that I am not able to inject personal bias into the reading.

A bit over 2 years ago, right before my world came crashing down around me, I did an amulet reading on trust. I recently came across this reading again, and thought I would share it with my readers.

This particular reading was one of the first that I did by combining shamanic journeying with amulet reading. I do this by first travelling shamanically into my Sacred Garden and then while in that space drawing 1 amulet at a time and “speaking” to it.

The Sacred Garden is a space I have created that exists outside of both normalworld time and otherworld time. I go here at the beginning of any journey before being met by my Spirit Guides or Animals and taken to where I need to go. I finish a journey in this same space before returning to normal world time. I also go here if I want to meet with one of my Spirit Guides or do personal healing work.

Journey into the Amulets on Trust

6 May, 2012

What are my feelings about trust?



Inanna – Journey to the Underworld. My whole message is one of trust. Release that which is holding you back. Let go of your fears. Journey with me to the Underworld. Heed my call. I have been calling and you have not answered. Journey to the Underworld. Pass through the 7 gates, releasing a part of what you don’t need at each gate.

Transformation – fear and trust. You cannot trust when you will not release fears.

Need to make a long journey into the Underworld. Into the realm of death. Trust I will be there with you and for you.


Do I trust myself completely?



Comb – It is not trust in yourself you need to worry about. It is trust in others. Because you do not fully trust, you cannot fully trust in yourself.

Release doubts and fears.

Know your own power.

Self-doubt = mistrust in what you can do and are about.


Is there a situation or person challenging my trust right now?



Temple – Balance. Walk in strength and power. Call to where your power dwells and show what you are about.

The only one you need to work on trusting is Us. Journey to Us.

Come through the gates to speak with Us.

We will guide you, but you need to trust Us.


What do I need to do to heal issues relating to trust?



Night star – Embrace your power. Make your wishes.

Do your work. Take time to be with us and stop making excuses.

We’ve given you what you need, now use it.


Do you have any other message for me?

Laussel Goddess

Laussel Goddess

Laussel Goddess – Moontime.

Things will come to be within a moontime.

This is when you will begin to fully underatand what it means to trust yourself.


Amulet Journey for Guidance in Journeying to the Underworld

I have been receiving messages from the Spirits for a while now that I need to undertake a major journey for my own spiritual development. This journey will follow the path taken by Inanna when she descended into the Underworld.

A recent Amulet journey revealed to me that I have been putting off this journey out of fear, and from a lack of trust on my part. The details of that journey aren’t to be shared. I did however, make another journey to seek guidance on this journey. This was the result of that Journey.

I have spares of some of the Amulets, including one of Inanna, so used that as a focus while doing this journey. I began by drumming and burning sage. Each amulet was smudged in the sage before I laid it down and wrote the message it had to give me.

Where can I find guidance in Journeying to the Underworld?


Cow and Sprouting Seed

Amulet of the Goddess - Cow - partnerships


Amulet - sprouting seed - new beginnings

New beginnings

You are joining in partnership with one you already know. This partnership has already been created, this is a new step, a new journey for both of you.



Amulet dolphin play


Stop treating this in such a serious manner. Laugh, play, enjoy. That is our message as well. Spiritual growth and development is hard work, but it should bring joy as well to you.

So remember to laugh and also to work hard. Find enjoyment in all that you do and all that we bring to you.


Hand with seeds

Amulet hand seeds

Accepting responsibility

The tools and guidance you need are in your hand. It is now up to you.

Plant the seeds and let them grow.



Amulet spider sacred creativity

Sacred creativity

Seek us within your own creativity.

Web – weaving – weavers – Intuition forming. Call upon the weavers of the world/wyrd to guide you on this path.

Weavers – partners – fun – enjoy – Live, laugh, learn, experience, plant the seeds and let them grow.


Where can I find guidance?

From my partners.

Husband – spiritual partners. Equals –

Links have already been formed. Need to develop.

Weavers – way of weavers. People I can laugh with, who will stand by and keep me safe, but who also know the value of play.


Interpreting a reading

The Amulets have been quite firm both in this reading and in the previous. Making this Journey is something that I need to do, and I have the skills and the tools necessary to do it. I am not however, expected to make this Journey alone. In that too they are quite clear. I have already formed the partnerships and links needed with the people who will be there to support and protect me by maintaining a sacred space whilst I make this Journey. Spider  tells me exactly who it is I should be going to for assistance, those I know who are also weaving a path of healing.

They also remind me to find joy in what I am doing. For what is the point of growing spiritually, if you can’t laugh along the way.


Would you like guidance from the Amulets?

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