About NanLT


I have been practising as a witch for over 20 years and have been a Pagan for just as long. I hope to be able to present readers with a common sense look at this modern, and ancient, belief system.

Some will ask what Path I follow. My main focus is on the Celtic Deities because that is where I live, that doesn’t mean other Deities don’t pop in every once in a while for a chat.

The British Isles are shrouded in Celtic lore and you can feel the presence writing witchof the ancient Gods and Spirits even today. The coven I trained with was of the BlueStar Tradition in America and much of my formal ritual contains what I learned with them. These days though, I consider myself to be  the founder and High Priestess of a First-Generation Family Tradition.

You may also sometimes see me refer to myself as a Kitchen Witch. This is because when I am doing spellcrafting I tend to utilise a lot of ingredients from my kitchen cupboards.

I have created elsewhere information on the Healing work I do, and the oracle readings I do using the Amulets of the Goddess.

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5 thoughts on “About NanLT

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  2. I saw a link to your site on someone’s so popped over on my broom stick to come and have a look :0 My spiritual tradition is founded on Christianity. HAving said that, these days I consider myself spiritual rather than linked to a specific religious organisation. We are all connected after all, so there is room for all sorts in this one big happy family.

I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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