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Day 5: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Kith and Kin of The Cailleach

Most people try to stick The Cailleach in with the Celtic pantheon of Deities, and the rare story may try to link her to other Deities, plus of course, there are many stories pairing her with Brigid as her opposite.

Here again though, the scant bits of evidence available would seem to indicate that The Cailleach was a presence in and around the British Isles long before those first Celts ventured off the European mainland.

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Finding the Warrior Goddess in Me

The Pagan Experience: Deity and the Divine Tell us about your favorite Warrior Deity.

veiled goddess Brigid

Over the past few years I was working closely with warrior goddess energy, though not perhaps in the way you typically think of warriors.

The warrior Goddess I channelled was not in an arena of war or physical fighting that we usually associate with warriors.

No, the warrior energy I was working with was the energy of a mother fighting for her children. My battlefields were in the courtroom and in my own psyche.

After life events caused my emotional and mental breakdown in 2012 I faced a long, oft times uphill, battle in getting my children returned home to me and finding my own sanity again. For many months I could do nothing more than put one foot in front of the other to make it through that day, or that hour. Forget thinking about tomorrow or next week, or next month. It was too overwhelming and would throw me into a massive panic attack.

But, fight I did. Each evening when I would think to myself “I can’t do this any more!” And the next morning I would get up, force myself to dress, and continue pushing and fighting to get my children home.

Through it all, I felt a presence with me. Holding me up, encouraging me to keep fighting. Reminding me of what I was fighting for. That presence was Brigid.

Brigid is not generally considered to be a Warrior Goddess. Hers is the domain of healing and childbirth, of Fire and Water. bighid chantBut Hers too is the domain of the blacksmith forging weapons, and the mother fighting for her children.

You can find loads of information about Brigid the Goddess, and Brigid the woman and saint online. Women, and men, continue to act as flamekeepers at home, in her temples and sanctuaries around the world. I’d like to tell you more of how I experience Her.

Brighe (When She began speaking to me, She pronounced Her name as Bree-zhuh) is very formal, and direct. But I have never felt Her as being unkind. While She is sometimes seen as being young and a Maiden, my sense is more that She is a very dignified elder.

She isn’t someone I would joke around with or give slightly risque nicknames to as I am able to do with Herne. She embodies a calm, focused dignity that commands respect. It is no wonder She has endured through modern times as blessed Saint and Goddess.

With Brigid’s guidance and at Her urging, I began a daily spiritual practice of sitting in front of my altar and saying a short prayer/mantra. At Her suggestion, I began covering my hair again. And slowly, I found my own inner strength again.

And once I had found that strength, Brigid took a step back and let me stand firmly on my own two feet. I worried that She wasn’t with me any longer, but She told me that it was not Her intention that I be weak, or that I lean on Her. She wanted me to be strong and stand in my own power. She wanted me to know my own worth and claim my place as a warrior mother.

It’s been nearly a year since I last needed to over my hair. I went to put my scarf on one day and heard Brigid’s voice inmy head telling me, “You don’t need it any more.” She was right.

I honour Brigid with a place on my altar, and a libation of water. I still feel Her presence behind me and sometimes beside me. But never holding me up. I am able to do that on my own.

There are still times when I need to wear my warrior mother armour, to protect myself and my children. However, the major battles to regain my children and my life have been won.