Transformations aren’t always pleasant

Transitions are very rarely a thing of beauty. Carefully planned out, each step logically and cleanly leading on to the next.

No, far from it. Transitions can be horrid, messy, chaotic life events. I wrote a few months back on initiations, and part of what was written applies here as well.

They’re not happy times come and poof! you’re a shaman, or a healer, or Pagan. These kinds of initiations are messy, and they can last weeks or months. Initiation is a birthing process, and birth can be painful and slimy and yucky. It can also be very rewarding, but you have to get through the messy bits first. ‘Initiation is just the beginning’ at The Healing Room



Transitions can be found in the moment of being and non-being that exists for perhaps a brief moment in time. That moment is a time of uncertainty, a time of chaos, a time of fear. Here is where we face the deepest, darkest depths of who we are, and we either crumble or we rise renewed and reborn.

Think about that caterpillar I wrote about last week. Beneath that ordered casing of chrysalis lies the digested goop which yesterday made up a caterpillar, and tomorrow may make up a butterfly, but today in the midst of its own transition it is a gloopy chaotic mess.

Am I saying that if our lives are chaotic or falling apart we should just say – “I’m transitioning, I don’t have to take steps to get my life into order.”?

No, I am not. Taking those steps is what needs to be done to move through transition. Imagine if that caterpillar reducced itself down to nothingness then stopped – My life is a mess, I’ll never get out of this! There’s nothing I can do. I’m helpless and it is hopeless.

More, I am saying – be gentle with yourself, be more forgiving. There is a balance that must be met between doing and being. It’s not easy. Gods know I have problems myself in finding and keeping that balance.

The reward of it all is that you become more fully who you are meant to be.





I’m Not Doing Nothing, I’m Transitioning


Stillness at the centre of transition

When I think about transitioning, I think of change. I think of moving from one state of being into another state of being. And indeed there can be a heck of a lot of change happening when you go through a transition.

At the centre though, between the chaos of change that brings on that transition and the adjusting to your new state of being after that transition, there is stillness and waiting.

I think sometimes we forget how important this stillness is. We are so focused on doing, constantly moving. To sit in stillness and honour that centre point in transitioning is seen as being slothful, lazy, And we get impatient – Come on transition! Happen already!

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