Day 10: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Offerings to The Cailleach

Every Deity has something that they prefer to receive as an offering of devotion. What works quite well for One though may be completely inappropriate for the next.

When I made a daily offering to Brigid and Herne, She received a shot of clear water while He received a shot of blended whisky. They were both quite pleased, but had I reversed things, neither would have been very happy.

Sometimes, it can get tricky trying to figure out what it is They want. Other times, it comes to you in such a flash you wonder why people think it’s so difficult. What do you do when all the lore and “experts” are saying you have to offer a rare or expensive incense and you can’t afford or access those things?

There are loads of books and on-line resources that can tell you the best, most appropriate, and sometimes only (their words not mine) offering to be made for a particular Deity. When it comes right down to it though, after careful study of a Deity your best reference is to ask Them yourself. What would You like to receive as an offering?

When you have centuries of worship and devotion to a Deity/Deities, such as within Hinduism, where the accepted offerings have been handed down through tradition and practise this makes sense. When it came to discovering what offering The Cailleach would like, my choices were not so clear.

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30 Days of Devotion: Day 9

Misconceptions and mistakes about The Cailleach

So little is known about The Cailleach that really, it is difficult to know what is misconception or mistake and what is not.

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