When Witches Dare

What does it mean when a witch dares?

  • It means daring to know who I am fully. And refusing to hide or pretend in order to fit in.
  • It means daring to take a stand for what is important to me. And speaking out, even when mine is not the popular voice.
  • It means daring to think, believe, and be different from those around me, in the midst of pressure to conform. And holding on to those things without needing to make those around me change.
  • It means daring to do spells, even spells for personal gain, when others are saying ‘That’s wrong.’ And saying, I disagree.

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Knowing the Unknown Unknowns

I have often wondered this myself being a British-American with ancestors of just about every European nationality you can think of.

The Weekly Druid

dnaA couple of days ago, I had a pretty good idea who I am when I woke up that morning. Going to bed later that day was a different matter. Much – and nothing – has changed. How so? Well, I got an email from Ancestry.com that my DNA heritage analysis was done and that I could see the results on the web.

Now, why did I do that in the first place, you may say. What’s so important about one’s ethnic heritage?

It’s not important at all, but interesting. And a little more different from what I thought it would be.  It also conveniently confirms certain believes I have had all along.

Let me start with telling you what my ancestry is, ethnically speaking………….Really?
Sorry, no, I am not going to tell you what it is. Because it does not matter. Most is not surprising anyway, only one is in the…

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