Why I Won’t Keep Silent

In the midst of writing last week’s blog post on Embracing Silence, a poem popped up in

my Facebook Feed.

It has touched me deeply, and reminded me that sometimes, it is vital that I not Keep Silent.

There are times when I must Speak Up and Speak Out even when those around me are telling me to Be Silent.

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Book Review: Burning Water by Mercedes LAckey

Nearly 2 decades before urban fantasy books hit the shelves author Mercedes Lackey gave us Diane Tregarde, a witch and a Guardian who protected those who asked for her help from dangers of the paranormal kind.

Unfortunately, bookstores and publishers weren’t quite sure what to make of this new character, some placing the books in the horror section, some in the fantasy section, and some not carrying them at all. After 3 books Lackey gave up on Diane and began focusing on other writing.

I could happily read all of the Diane Tregarde stories over and over again, and indeed I have. Yes, I know what is coming but I welcome each chapter like a long and loved friend.

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