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Amulet of the Day – Labrys

Priestess Power

labyrusThis image of a double-sided axe was found on the side of a Minoan vase, dated from 1,600 BCE. It was a symbol of the ancient, mythical Amazon tribes of Asia, North Africa, Anatolia, and the Black Sea area. They were the priestesses of Artemis.

The Labrys is a symbol of regeneration and the powers of life unfolding.

When you draw out the Labrys it is a signal that you are ready to embrace the power of the priestess within you. You are more aware of your psychic powers and have found yourself in a position of leadership to others. You understand the need for balance in a world that is constantly evolving and changing. As well, you understand the need for change and evolution as that which cannot or does not change must stagnate and die.

This may mean you will face a time of radical truth-telling. You may need to confront situations, personal or political, using words, thoughts and creative expressions that may be considered a bit unorthodox to others. Face it bravely, with the Labrys in your hand.


Amulet of the Day: Owl

Owl: Wisdom of the Darkness

owlThe owl was sacred to Athena, Lilith, Blodeuwedd, and other Moon Goddesses. It is a familiar of witches. A traditional symbol of wisdom.

This amulet image comes from a bird mask carved on the lid of a Neolithic water vessel (late 6th millennium BCE). The mouth served as a spout.

The Owl comes to lead you through the darkness. When your way is unclear, she will teach you to see and hear with your psychic senses.

The owl tells you that it is okay to say “I don’t know.”  It is okay to delay decisions until you have gathered all the information you need. “I don’t feel comfortable with what you’ve suggested. I want to think about it and I will get back to you.” Trust your intuition and those inner “vibes”.

See through situations and people to what lies beneath. Get to the truth.

Find a balance between intellect and emotion to clarify a situation.