Being Grateful for the Little Things

hidden primrose

Grateful got the little things in life

Often times people spend so much time looking for the big things to be grateful for, they miss the little blessings all around them.

Like miracles, blessings and reasons to be grateful happen all around us all the time. We just don’t see them because we’re too busy looking for the bells, whistles, and heavenly trumpets to announce them.

We have this mindset that it’s only the big display, earth-shattering events we can be grateful for. Or we get this idea that to be grateful for something trivial and wholly personal makes us self-centred. (See what I have to say about the Ego-trap of selflessness.)

I’ve been keeping track in my head over the past few hours the little blessings that are around me that I am grateful for.

  1. My kids let me sleep in late today.
  2. I have milk in the fridge for tea.
  3. We have food in the cupboards for meals.
  4. The temperatures cooled down enough to make life more comfortable.
  5. My hands have been hurting less and I’ve been able to do a bit more knitting this week.
  6. My kids come to tell me silly stories.
  7. This cup of vanilla chai that my youngest son made for me.
  8. The book I’ve been reading about creating a daily Pagan practice.
  9. Games on Facebook that keep my brain sharp, or just entertain me for a few minutes.
  10. Hugs from my youngest son.
  11. Talking to my middle son who doesn’t like hugs, but finds ways of showing his affection through humour.
  12. Getting an unexpected message from a friend just to say hello.
  13. A chance image that made me smile, or laugh, or think.
  14. Night time quiet when all the world is still (as still as it gets living in a city mind you), children are in their beds (or at least their rooms) and I am alone in the calm with my thoughts.

Each of these is such a small thing. And each is so very important. I could live without

grateful for morning tea

Grateful for my morning tea.

running water and electricity (well, with a few adaptation I could!) and I am very grateful indeed for these modern conveniences that make life easier.

It’s all these little things though, the tiny and seemingly insignificant events that go on all around each of us every day. These are what make life special for me. These are what I am truly grateful for.







I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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