Daring to Do Nothing

We live in a time when it is seen as being somehow wrong, or “sinful” to do nothing. Our self-worth is tied up not in who we are but in what we do. We are constantly moving, striving to do, make, change, grow because to sit in stillness and just be is thought to be wasteful.

Sometimes, the hardest choice we can make as a witch is when we dare to do nothing. When we dare to stop striving, changing, growing, making, fixing. In a society that expects you to always be Doing, to Dare to Do Nothing is an act of rebellion.

As a healer and someone who serves others going through life transitions, much of my work is not spent in doing. People don’t need me to create spells, they don’t want me to dare to do nothingstart a cascade of massive change.

No, what they most need is for me to just allow them to be where they are, and who they are, and to hold a sacred space of love and acceptance around them as they figure out for themselves what change needs to happen and when.

People talk a lot about holding sacred space when doing healing work, but what exactly does that mean?

Holding sacred space looks an awful lot like not doing anything. It is real easy to get impatient and try to nudge people into changes and choices they are not yet ready to make. Or to bring about healing they did not want.

Sacred Space can be created using incense, drums, rattles, and/or bells. It can be formed by putting in place a full ritual circle however you may create one. One person I held space for said that it was as though between one breath and the next I had enclosed both of us in a sphere that shielded us from any outside noises or distractions.

Daring to do nothing is also important when it comes to offering healing or magical work to others.

Once upon a time, after I had discovered I was to serve as a healer, I would offer healing to anyone who I felt needed it. Some accepted willingly, some accepted (I now realise) reluctantly. I began to realise finally that I was not offering healing with no strings attached. However pretty I might have been presenting this offering, it came with a caveat – by accepting healing from me you are confirming that I am a worthwhile person. I am a Healer, it’s what I do. How can I be a Healer if I am not Doing? These days, I am getting better at stopping, stepping back, and asking myself – am I offering out of the goodness or my heart or because I want something in return?

Can’t stop moving, can’t stop doing. My worth and who I am is tied up in Doing something, anything, everything. I must constantly strive to do achieve, produce, create. Even if it means sacrificing my own health and well-being in the process.

Sound familiar?

Healing comes not through Doing, but from Being. You hold Sacred Space not by Doing Sacred Space, but by Being Sacred Space.

As I look at the services I can offer, the greatest, and the most difficult, are the services of being Being – being present, being an active listener – and the service of acceptance – accepting the one I am serving where they are right then.



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