When Witches Dare

What does it mean when a witch dares?

  • It means daring to know who I am fully. And refusing to hide or pretend in order to fit in.
  • It means daring to take a stand for what is important to me. And speaking out, even when mine is not the popular voice.
  • It means daring to think, believe, and be different from those around me, in the midst of pressure to conform. And holding on to those things without needing to make those around me change.
  • It means daring to do spells, even spells for personal gain, when others are saying ‘That’s wrong.’ And saying, I disagree.

To Dare to be yourself in a society that rewards conformity and punishes difference is a courageous thing.

And no I’m not just talking about being different from those who are not Pagan, or are not witches. There is a great deal of pressure to conform within the Pagan community as well. Just look at some of the bitchcraft battles that have taken place in larger Pagan online communities. I am a (blank) and I believe (blank). If you are a ‘real’ (blank) then you agree with everything I’ve said or you aren’t ‘doing it right’ and are a fake.

Side rant – if you ever hear or see me referring to anything as ‘real’, you have my permission to call me on it. Over and over again, I see Real, or True (blank) being used to narrowly define something so that the group/person using it fits the criteria, and everybody else, doesn’t. If he were a ‘real Pagan’ he wouldn’t do X,Y,Z. Well, he is a real Pagan and he does do X,Y,Z so get over it.

What do I dare?

I dare to be a witch and a Pagan. And while we’re at dare to be yourselfit, I dare to label myself!

I dare to be a woman.

I dare to call myself healer and shaman.

I dare to honour and meet my needs.

I dare to speak out when I see falsehoods or hatred being perpetuated. (Not because I expect the other to change, but because I refuse to stay silent and allow tacit approval to remain. This doesn’t mean revisiting the falsehood over and over again to restate my piece. I can say what I have to say once, and walk away.

I dare to walk away from invitations to join in an argument. I don’t have to go to every fight I’m invited to.

I dare to look at my own actions, my own thoughts, my own beliefs, and I dare to say that action/thought/belief does not serve me in a healthy way I want to change it.

I dare to honestly tell myself, yes something I do have racist, sexist, or other prejudicial thoughts. Not on purpose, but because they are so ingrained as part of the social group I was raised in that I don’t realise it all the time. I also dare to tell myself, this may be my first thought, but I have the choice to not make it my second thought.

To Dare as a witch means way more than just daring to do spells.

What will you Dare today?













I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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