Healing Work


Rattles for healing work

Before I was a witch, before I discovered Paganism as an option, before any of this I knew I was a Healer.

I attended a class on Reiki healing in 1993, reaching Reiki Level 2 Practitioner status by the end of 1993. I then combined this knowledge with my work as a nurse.

Reiki and Shamanism

Training continued and in 1998 I was attuned as a Reiki Master-Teacher.

Since moving to England I have explored other interests, obtaining a Diploma in Aromatherapy and undergoing intensive training in Shamanic Healing Techniques.

Soul Midwife

In 2014 I began training to do work as a Soul Midwife. In this, I will serve those who are dying, helping them to make conscious decisions about the way their life will end and providing a non-religious, spiritual support.

Eventually, I hope to be able to provide a service for those who are dying as both a Soul Midwife and a Psychopomp.

Sacred Visions

Sacred Visions was birthed in 2015 as a service for women who are ready to

sacred visions

Sacred Visions: Helping Women Create Their Possibilities

release old thought patterns, old emotions, and old messages that are holding them back and keeping them from making conscious decisions about their lives.

My role here to in serving women as they make conscious choices and create their possibilities.

Healing Blog

I routinely blog about my experience and work as an Energy Healer and have written extensively on the subject of Reiki.

You can read this blog at The Healing Room.



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