But That Isn’t Possible…

I’ve mentioned before that one benefit of being mostly self-taught in my witchcrafting is that I didn’t have anyone telling me that what I wanted to accomplish through spellcasting wasn’t possible. Or that while it was possible, I wasn’t skilled, advanced, accomplished enough to do it.  (See: Teachers are Everywhere)

To Dare

I have lost track of the number of times someone has told me that a spell I did couldn’t to dare quotepossibly have worked – That’s an advanced spell. (I’ve been doing spells like this for 20 years.) That shouldn’t work. (But, it did.) That’s not possible. (And yet, it worked.)

When spellcasting, it must be approached with a 100% belief that this spell can and will work. So, are we daring to do the impossible? Sometimes, or at least the improbable.

Of course, this must be balanced with the knowledge that sometime spells don’t work, or that they may not work in a way that we had envisioned. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, any witch who says “I’ve never had a spell fail.” is either lying, or hasn’t been doing them for very long.

But To Dare. To look at a possibility and say – yes, I can do that, I can change that, I can mould that to bring about a desired outcome. That is the epitome of spellcasting.

It’s looking at a situation and saying – Can I change this? Do I have the fortitude, the knowledge, the power enough To Dare to do this?  Then believing with the entirety of my being that yes, I do Dare.

I am reminded of a bit of work I did 4 years ago to stop a person and those around her from speaking out falsely against me. Many spells like this indicate that you need something that belonged to the person, which I didn’t have. What I did have, however, was a glass which the person had drunk from, leaving a small amount of the water in the glass.

That water, I decided, contained enough of the imprint of the person to make an effective spell. I did the work, set my intention, and released the spell. I Dared to create positive change for me through using that water. The caveat in this working was that if the person did not speak out falsely against me, nothing would happen.

Within a month, this person who had spoken out against me and continued to do so, found herself in trouble with a family court judge, with her employer, and soon after was no longer working for them.

Did it work? Yes. Is it possible that events would have enfolded exactly as they did without the spell? Yes.

Then the person who followed her also spoke falsely against me, and within a couple months she too fell out of favour with the same family court judge, and her employer, and soon after she transferred to another area.

Her replacement, who to the best of my knowledge did not perpetuate untruths, remained with me until she was no longer needed.

So, do I think that the spell I dared to cast worked? Absolutely!

All because I dared to think a nearly empty glass of water could forge a connection to the one who had drunk from it. I dared to do the impossible.









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