Blessings, Balance, and Gratitude

One of the services which I offer as a healer is what I like to call a Blessing and Balancing Gratitude Ceremony. It is a way of honouring old habits, old messages, old ideas that may have served us in some fashion in the past, but they are now holding us back from growing and moving forward in our lives.

Yes, there are some events from my past that I am not grateful for. At the same time though, I can acknowledge that past behaviours, ideas, attitudes, or internal messages that today are not really good for me at one time in my life served a very useful and necessary purpose.

For instance, as a child I learned to become very quiet and not seen when people around me were angry. While I was not a victim of physical violence when I was a child, there was a strong undercurrent of anger and resentment that ran through my life and I learned to protect myself. As an unshielded empath, I would internalise and take on the emotions of those around me, yet at the same time the unspoken rule growing up was that one could not display any extreme emotional reactions.

Hiding and being not-seen is a safe and smart thing for a child to do. It isn’t always the best option when you’re the adult parent trying to deal with children. Likewise, being able to feel the emotions of those around me was a way of keeping myself safe, but taking on the emotions of everyone around me when I am the adult who us supposed to be in control doesn’t work.It certainly doesn’t work when I am serving as a healer.

However, learned habits are hard to break, and time and again when my sons, or other people around me for that matter, would get into an argument I would withdraw and retreat into my shell or I would explode in anger. Worse still, even the threat that an argument may be starting would send me one way or the other.

Through the Blessing and Balancing Gratitude Ceremony, I have been able to honour these behaviours and abilities that protected me as a child. I have been able to release them with gratitude and love for the purpose they served. I am bringing balance into my being.

Occasionally, an old behaviour creeps back in, but I am getting better at recognising when Featured Image -- 2092this happens, honouring it at that moment, and releasing it again with love.

The Blessings, Balance and Gratitude Ceremony is a service I can provide  through Sacred Visions: Helping Women (and men) Create Their Possibilities.






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