The Witch’s Will

We can know our will, we can give it away. We can be told to have more will power when trying to stop a bad habit, and in the same breath be told to follow a far off Deity’s will and not our own.

A wilful child is stubborn. Someone who doesn’t know what they will is indecisive.

Philosophers and theologians have been cussing and discussing for centuries the questions of whether or not we have free will, or if you lives are laid out before us in a pre-destined plan. Perhaps we only think we have free will and that is nought but illusion? You can end up in a maze of what ifs following this line of questioning.

To Will is a phrase that in many ways is the key spell casting. The Witch wills it to be, and it is done. But the word Will has been bandied about so much, and has so many nuanced meanings, it can sometimes be hard to figure out just why it’s been included in the 4 pillars of magic.

Purely by coincidence (and I don’t actually believe in such a creature), my youngest son was talking to me about one his the games he likes to play on the computer. Which came isn’t important and besides I have no clue…

Anyway, he asked me, “Mum, what is perseverance?” It’s sticking to something until you complete it. Like when your character is killed in the game and you keep going back and trying again until you get through that section.

He took this conversation away with him, and a few days later told me that he had been talking about it with his school mates. They asked the same question, and he told them. “It’s having the will to continue on even if you initially lose.”

Ahhh, and I asked him, “So what’s will?” At which point he gave me a look as only a


What do you Will?

pre-teen can do and told me to just not go there.

When I sit here, trying to figure out and work my head around the phrase To Will, I can feel myself getting that same look on my own face. Just don’t go there. Will I find myself writing myself into circles as I try to find a way of expressing what Will is? Will I leave us more confused at the end as to what I am trying to say?

Children are simultaneously told, don’t be so wilful as they are told to have more willpower. Members of many religions recite prayers where they surrender their will to God (by whatever name they may know their God) and certainly followers of 12-step programs are told that willpower in itself won’t help them recover but will continue to keep them sick. In order to recover, they too need to surrender their will to a Higher Power, as they understand it.

But the witch, the witch takes her Will and harnesses that power, that perseverance and focuses it on moulding energy to create magic. The witch acknowledges that there are forces greater than herself, but she is in herself also a force. Not content to be blithely led where the Gods may lead, she takes up her staff and her lantern and says, “I’ll lead the way.” She has the strength, the power, the perseverance, the Will inside of her.




4 thoughts on “The Witch’s Will

  1. It seems you taught your son a valuable piece of wisdom! I appreciate your thoughts; will is such a powerful force yet so easily given away…to friends and loved ones. But a person of strong will is often viewed as a threat and treated warily. We are almost taught from our youth that a strong will, like Antigone, breaks under pressure, but a soft, docile personality is welcomed but malleable. You’ve got me thinking. Thank you. 😀

  2. Hi ur articles is very good.I am fan of new age to for the good of humanity but i have a problem.I did a spell and I visualized to have relatioship with a girl who i love so much but nothing happened with her.What can I do?I am so sad because I failed to do my purpose.Please help me

    • Jessica – I would suggest that you’re damned lucky your spell didn’t work. Not cool to mess about with the free will of other people.

      Who would you rather have a relationship with?
      Someone who was with you because they chose to be of their own free will?
      Or someone who was only with you because you tricked them?

      Trust me, it’s not the second option.

      Spells to manipulate other people into doing what you want – not cool.

      What happened here? She isn’t meant to be in a relationship with you. Instead of trying to focus on changing people around you to be with you, why not try focusing on making changes in yourself.

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