Dedicating Yourself to a Patron God

Thinking About Dedicating Yourself to the Service of Your Patron God?

This is not a step to be taken in haste.

It may be, after having worked with and studied a particular Deity for a length of time, you may decide you want to dedicate

hoof prints in sand

yourself to the service of your patron God or Goddess.

This is not a decision to be made in haste. It is also not something that one must do. While some Deities may ask for a dedication from you, it is always your decision.

During my 20 plus years as a Pagan, I have worked with many Gods and been privileged to call several a Patron God or Goddess. I have never been led to take the step in dedicating myself to the service of any One God or Goddess though.

However, if you have thought long and hard, and know this is the right thing for you to do, then this is a very simple Dedication Ritual which you can use. Feel free to make changes and embellish it to suit your own purpose.

Step 1

Several days, or weeks, in advance

Sit quietly and meditate on the following questions. Write your answers as they come to you in your personal journal or Book of Shadows.

  • What gifts can I bring to (your chosen God/dess)?
  • Why do I want to dedicate myself to (your chosen God/dess)?
  • What can I pledge to (God/dess)?

Create your own Book of Shadows, if you have not done so already. Within it, record spells, rituals, prayers, and any other relevant magical material. This book will support you, serving as a platform for exploring your thoughts and feelings over time.


If during your meditation and seeking why you wish you dedicate yourself, your answers include desires to impress your friends, scare your neighbours, freak out your parents, or other words to this effect then you are not ready to dedicate yourself to anything. Continue your studies and learning, but leave the dedications for another time.

If you are doing it as a joke, you are not ready. You may take it lightly, but the Gods tend to take these things very serious.

Step 2

On the Day

Take a special bath, meditate, abstain from eating specific foods, or do whatever you are drawn to do to prepare yourself for your dedication.

Gather together the following representations of the elements:

  • Salt
  • If all you have is store bought table salt, then by all means use it. If you can get a larger crystal sea salt such as for salt grinders, then use that.
  • Incense
  • Chose an incense which appeals to you, or one associated with your chosen Deity.
  • Holy water
  • Candle

This is a simple blessing to create holy water:


Hold your hand over the water and state,

“I cast out from you, all hatred, all fear, all anger

In the Name of (your chosen Deity) So Mote (Must) it Be.”

Pause briefly, then holding your hand over the water again, state,

“I fill you with love, with hope, and care and understanding

In the Name of (your chosen Deity) So Mote (Must) it Be.”

If the words used here are not appropriate, substitute your own.

Chose a candle type and colour which best represents the Deity you are dedicating yourself to. Inscribe it with the Name of the Deity, or anoint with oils to further forge a link between that Deity and yourself.

Step 3

The Dedication Ritual

Create a sacred space by whatever means feels most comfortable

Sitting within the space, say as follows:

“It is my desire, of my own free will, to dedicate myself to (your chosen God/dess) this night.

I bring with me the gifts of … and speak aloud of the gifts can bring as you have meditated upon them previously.

I put these gifts now to the service of (God/dess).”

Take up the salt and sprinkle a few grains on yourself.

“This is the blessing of Earth, may it strengthen me as I dedicate myself to the service of (chosen God/dess). Through the element of Earth I will walk in balance. “

Take up the incense and left the smoke drift around you.

“This is the blessing of Air, may it inspire me as I dedicate myself to the service of (chosen God/dess). Through the element of Air I go forth seeking knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge wisely and with love for all things.”

Take up the candle and hold the flame in front of you.

“This is the blessing of Fire, may it purify me as I dedicate myself to the service of (chosen God/dess). Through the element of Fire, I forge new things, giving expression to creative energies.”

Take up the water and sprinkle a few drops on yourself.

“This is the blessing of Water, may it cleanse and renew me as I dedicate myself to the service of (chosen God/dess). Through the element of Water I live in love, trusting my emotions and intuition.”

Sit quietly for a moment,

I, (your name), do dedicate myself to the service of (chosen God/dess), by my own free will. This is my pledge towards that service…” speak aloud of the pledge you are willing to make as you have meditated upon it

Sit quietly and reflect for a few minutes, then finish in whatever manner seems right to you.

Some may be led to take on a new name at this time, of you wish to do so, add this to the dedication ritual.

“I have received the blessings of the elements. I have pledged myself to the service of (chosen God/dess) and S/He has received me as Her/His own. In this sacred space and time, I am changed. (Your birth name) has been transformed. I ask to be given a new name to reflect that change.”

A name may come to you immediately, or it may appear to you gradually over time. Let yourself be open to receiving a new name, from where ever it may come.

If you have any questions about Patron Deities, or dedicating yourself to a Patron Deity, feel free to comment here, or send me a message. I do try to answer questions within a few days.


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