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You Can – But Should you?

Over the past few months for The Pagan Experience, I’ve covered the 4 pillars of magic that many spell casters and practitioners of ceremonial magic ascribe to. I’ve talked about Knowing Yourself, Willing things into being, Daring to do, and Keeping Silent about it all. In an article for the August 2016 issue of Pagan Pages, I have talked about Taking Responsibility. A comment to my blog recently brought to mind the final component that arches over every pillar. Just because you can, should you?

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Morality and Will

Many years past I had a conversation with a Lutheran minister on the subject of morality, the Christian 10 Commandments, and the Wiccan Rede. His argument being that if one did not have an objective list detailing what one could and could not do in life, that one could not be a moral person. He also argued that telling people to just do as they willed instead of what God willed, even with the harm none caveat, was just encouraging people to be selfish and not have any consideration for anyone but themselves.

I disagree.

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