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When Harm None Doesn’t Work

After bringing up the subject of “Harm None” in a previous post (Morality and Will) I was asked if I could explore it a bit further.

Simply put:

“Have you never been put in a situation where justice/ vengeance is perhaps a necessary evil? When you just can’t walk away, and the human law is not going to help you.

So when is it appropriate, shall we say, to take the next step and teach an asshole a lesson for screwing you (or someone you love) over in a bad way. Do you really do nothing and expect the Gods to care enough to do something (karma) when you don’t care enough yourself to take action? When do you say enough is enough and take action? Our ancestors had no issues with vengeful magic what is our P.C. hangup?”

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You Can – But Should you?

Over the past few months for The Pagan Experience, I’ve covered the 4 pillars of magic that many spell casters and practitioners of ceremonial magic ascribe to. I’ve talked about Knowing Yourself, Willing things into being, Daring to do, and Keeping Silent about it all. In an article for the August 2016 issue of Pagan Pages, I have talked about Taking Responsibility. A comment to my blog recently brought to mind the final component that arches over every pillar. Just because you can, should you?

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