Communicating with Deity

Pagan Blog Project Week 6 C

I’ve come to understand recently that the method by which I communicate with the Spirit world is not the same as how everyone else does it. And, I’m afraid in some of my writing before this, I may come across as thinking it’s something that everyone and anyone can do just as easily.

No one told me that communicating with the Gods can be difficult.  So,  like Pippi Longstocking, who continually does impossible things because there was no one older and wiser around to tell her she couldn’t, I have been blithely conversing way and doing the impossible, or at least the reasonably difficult.

Talking to the Gods, and other Spirit helpers is for me just as easy as conversing with you here. I think the thoughts in my head, and the response comes in – usually when I have my rational thinking brain pre-occupied with something mundane like washing dishes or gardening, or while playing a game that doesn’t take a lot of concentration. These days I might even use drumming to distract the rational thinking part of my brain. I’ve been having these long conversations with that voice in the back of my head for as long as I can remember. I can even remember singing to it as a child.

Of course, the skeptic will say – you’re just thinking thoughts, it’s all in your head! To which I respond with the words of that great wizard, Professor Dumbledore, “Just because it’s all in your head does not mean it is not also real.”

This intuitive method of communicating with the Spirit world has caused me to feel doubt at times. I read about how others say it is supposed to be done, and I think “Oh, I don’t do it that way, my way must not be as authentic because I’m doing it wrong.” Or, I get caught up trying to do things “the right way” because after all these other people must know better than me, and… nothing happens.

But when I let go of that thinking, and of trying to do things “the right way”, well we are able to talk to each other just fine, whether I am conversing with a Patron God/dess, or consulting the Amulets, or doing shamanic and energy healing work.


How do you talk to Spirit?




11 thoughts on “Communicating with Deity

  1. I think that pretty much everything about a Pagan’s path can be thought about the same way. There is no right or wrong way to anyone’s practice. While communication with deity is like walking down a sunny sidewalk to a beautiful park for you and mine is like shining a tiny light in huge caves of darkness, that makes neither path invalid. I’ve recently started using the pendulum. It’s been easier going than with the tarot but I still love to do tarot readings as well. Our minds are receptive to different things in different ways.

  2. In my experience, trying to do things the “right way” is nothing short of counterproductive and I find it to be destructive to my spirit. Little signs will pop up and I will just know that I’m being “spoken” to. More than anything, I simply get support and confirmations and the like. I only get actual words when I meditate.

  3. That’s pretty similar to how I interact with my gods, really. I will admit to sometimes talking out loud, I suppose, for the sake of honesty 😉 Rarely do I “hear” Them respond — depending on Who It Is, it’ll be interior locutions or no words at all but rather feeling that come up with or without imagery. As a writer, with characters that may or may not be spirits also, cluttering up my head, my challenge comes in the form of worrying what is “really real spirits” and what is “really character spirits”. Ultimately, I decided, the answer changes nothing in how I live my life, and so I won’t worry about it anymore.

  4. I just talk to my Deities and Ancestors, sometimes I receive whispers. Sometimes they answer in the form of a feeling, an urge, images, a repeating message in the media, in dreams, or through Animal Messengers. From Animal Spirits, I receive images, gestures, which can be like riddles at times. It really depends on me, I think. On how much I’m paying attention, perhaps.

  5. I write, both what they say and what I say. It makes sense to me as writing, making notes is how I listen. If I don’t write I don’t here whether it be my guides or someone giving a talk or lecture. Took me a long time to work it out but it makes perfect sense…..and yes like you it always seems different that the way others work but so what, most of what I do is different too 🙂

  6. I can’t tell if I’m spirit talking or if I’m just having conversations in my head like I always do, so I don’t know! But Professor Dumbledore quotes do always help me feel better. 🙂

  7. There’s no need to worry about it I think! You’ve got the knack and a way that works for both sides of the conversation. Sounds like you’re using all your brain wavelengths like dowsers do when they’re actively dowsing. It’s nice to hear how you do it and yes, I think it has authenticity – if it feels right for you, that’s all that’s needed. It’s like one dowser using a pendulum and another the ‘L’ rods or a bobber – different tools, same result. 😀
    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. “Just because it’s all in your head does not mean it is not also real.” -> LIKE!!
    Im so happy you shared this because I agree 100% with you 😀 ..”The right way” is the one that work for us. If eg. the deity doesn’t like that way, they will say so ^_^

  9. As of lately I have been having interesting conversations with many different deities that are not even my own. Due to the ATHENA Society. Because I am still learning I asked a friend of mine what this could be and he said they could be asking you to mention them to others. While you are not their follower they could be coming to you asking you to mention them to other people who could have a connection with them. At the same time i have found a special connection with a God I kept suggesting to other people and then he laughed and said no… I am reveling myself to you. My Pantheon is interesting to say the least.

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