An Amulet Reading for You

Weekly Amulet Reading

This week I have done a reading for a person, or persons, unknown. If you think this reading is meant for you, it most likely is. If you don’t think it fits where you are, that’s okay as well.

Query: What message do you have for the world?








Open your eyes. See what is there to be seen. Much is being hiden from you, but it is in plain sight. \don’t let your vision be distracted.

Amulet - sprouting seed - new beginnings

New beginnings






Sprouting Seed

New growth and change is upon the world. Much of this growth is still hidden from view. alike a newly sprouted seed, the growth is happening beneath the soil. Don’t keep digging it up though to try to gauge progress. Trust that it is happening, beyond your vision.


For too many, self-worth is tied into what they do or have. Focus on your words, your actions, your accomplishments – however great or small they may be. Tghese are what determine your personal worth. Not the size of your bank account.


Personal power. Discover the strength you have inside. This is a time of personal and spiritual growth. These times are not always clear and much can be hidden from view until it emerges fully formed.


Trust in the unknown. Trust that things are happening as they should. The winds are blowing away that which no longer needs to remain in your life, like the chaff being removed from the seed. Trust that what remains is what you truly need in your life and let the remainder fly away.

Final message

Open your eyes. See what is real and what is illusion. Trust the unkjnown – trust that the seeds of new growth are maturing and becoming beneath the soil and beyond your sight. Trust that what is being removed from your life is that which needs to be removed so that you can fully grow and mature into your own self. Trust in your self, know your worth. Stand strong in your own power during this time.

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I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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