Oracle Readings Using Amulets of the Goddess

amulets of the goddess book

Amulets of the Goddess

Over the past 20 years I have found and used a variety of divination techniques – tarot, I ching, runes, pendulum. Since I discovered this book, Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom by Nancy Blair though, I always come back to using these. I like this method for not only divination but also gaining insight into the subconscious mind. Like an ancient council of elders or a loving room full of grandmothers, they impart their wisdom.

While I could use other methods when doing readings for other people, when I tried doing readings for myself invariably my own personal bias would interfere. These amulets don’t allow that. Whatever the question, invariably the amulets tell you what you need to know. Which may or may not pertain to the question you thought you were asking.

Since I have begun training in shamanic healing methods, I have incorporated that into the way I do readings. I have been experimenting with journeying to my personal starting point within the Otherworlds. I am also doing some work journeying “into” the amulets to discover more meanings.

Within the amulets you will find three sets of nine, 27 amulets in total. There are nine sacred symbols, nine Goddess, and nine animals. The figure on each amulet is taken from artifacts found in the ancient worlds and within the book can be found information on the amulet figure including where it was found and when it dates from in history. It then gives you insight into possible symbolic meanings of that particular amulet and finishes with a simple meditation you can do with it.

I have written about each individual amulet in the past here, and will link to each of those if you should want to read more.

Sacred Symbol Amulets

Symbol Amulets

Symbol Amulets

These symbols are:

Temple | Whirlwind | Labrys

Triple Spiral | Eyes | Nightstar

Hand with seeds | Sprouting seed | Comb

Goddess Amulets

goddess amulets

Goddess amulets

Dancing bird | Willendorf | Nile River

Gorgon | Dreaming | Sheela-na-gig

Mother | Inanna | Laussel (link coming)

Animal Amulets

animal amulets

Animal Amulets

Spider | Sow | Ewe

Owl | Frog | Dolphin

Cat | Cow | Snake

Reading the Amulets

amulets of the goddess

Council of Elders

For most readings, I use what I like to call a “Council of Elders” lay out. I draw out 5 amulets and set them in front of me in a semi-circle. Each then speaks to me, giving insight and wisdom. Many times, the words of succeeding amulets build upon what I have already been given by the previous.

My thoughts on divination and oracle readings

It is my divination and oracle methods such as the Goddess amulets provide a snapshot of what could happen or where your life focus should be based upon where you are in your life in the present. The answers given do not show what absolutely will happen because as we make different life choices, the future is constantly changing.

To paraphrase a quote from David Eddings’ Belgariad series: The future is not set in stone, and even if it was you can always break the stone.

To which I would add: The hard part is in knowing which stone to break.

If you don’t like where you see your future heading, then change your present.

Amulets of the Goddess

Amulets of the Goddess

Would you like a reading?

The Amulets of the Goddess can give you insight into a current life situation or provide guidance on where your life is heading and what actions you need to take next.

Have a look at the Amulet Readings page for more information.


5 thoughts on “Oracle Readings Using Amulets of the Goddess

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  2. This looks like a very interesting set of archetypal symbols. I love tarot cards and have used them for years but this looks like something I might enjoy. You’ve done a wonderful job of explaining the symbols. I did not read all of them but what I did read was quite interesting.

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