Amulet Reading: Which Spirit Animals Should I Work With Now

Amulet Reading

What Spirit Animals Should I Be Working With?

I lay the amulets out in front of me, my own council of elders here to advise me when I seek guidance.


Laussel Goddess – Moon Time

Primal Mother and Child – Infinite Love

Cat – Protecting Good Fortune

Temple – Breakthrough, Awakening, Healing

Sow – Listening


An initial glance at this layout would seem to indicate that I need to be paying attention to 2 spirit or power animals, and I will indeed be looking at these two more closely. Cougar is my spirit guide for extrusion work, and so could indeed be represented here by the Cat.

I want to take a deeper look into the Amulets though.

The Laussel Goddess is telling me first of all that things come in cycles and I need to be more aware of these cycles. She is advising me to seek my animal spirit guides through dreamwork and journeying. To look at my own cycles and rhythms as I move through life.

As I enter menopause my own cycles are slowing and changing. I may be feeling out of flux as I move from one stage of life to another. This is a time to journey to find the spirit animals who can guide me through this time of life.

The Primal Mother and Child are here to show the Infinite and unconditional love which surrounds me. Of all the human emotions, love is the strongest. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust we enter the Witch’s Circle, and thus I should enter the Otherworld realm.

Meanwhile, Cat is telling me to protect my good fortune. In this case I believe the good fortune refers to knowledge, instincts, and wisdom gained through experience. Things which no one can truly take away, but many would seek to tell me I never had to begin with.

Investigation into the history of the associated figure, the Key Marco Cat indicate some thought that the cat is indeed a Cougar. Evidence that Cougar may indeed be who I need to work with most right now.

I tend to see Temple as referring to Balance – walking the narrow path between the pillar extremes. Today though I am sensing a need to tell me that I have gone through my healing crisis, and having gone through it I am ready to take on the role of the shaman healer. I have undergone training, have sought knowledge (that which I need to protect), and now it is time take the final step through the doorway.

Finally, I have drawn Sow, who comes to tell me to listen to the unspoken, to the unheard, to that which cannot be heard through ears. It’s time to stick my nose into the ground (the underworld) and actually listen to what I am being told.

When I am reading the amulets I will now pull the first and last around to create a circle.

Amulet Reading Council of Elders

Amulet Reading Coming Full Circle

Sow tells me I need to root deep and listen. Laussel Goddess tells me where I need to listen – within my self, to the cycles of life, and within my dreams and journeys.


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