On life changes and turmoil, and meeting a new Goddess

As you will know, I have been rather silent not only here but at my other blog this past month. This is because my personal life has undergone some major upheaval and transformation. Nothing I’m able to blog about, but life changing in the disastrous kind of way. Things are still very much up in the air, but I am determined to bring back my focus on writing. If only to keep my wits about me.


FLAME bALL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of all this, I have been receiving messages for some time that a new Goddess is preparing to enter into my life. As some who have read my writing know, I have been a follower of Modron for a rather long time. She has been telling me recently though that her time with me is passing.

I’ve opened myself up to receiving messages from others, and quite a few Goddesses have been peeking in. One though has stuck around. That is Brighde. AKA Bride (breed), Brigid, Brigit.

She came to me first in a journey with others which was focusing on  linking into the power of the Sun. Each of us, while drumming, drew a card upon which was written something related to the Sun in myth, legend, or folklore.

The card I drew:

The Charioteer

Seek the flaming wheel of the charioteer,
the racing rush, the steady beat of hooves,
the pull of purpose, the guiding hand.

And so, we drummed to journey for whatever message we were to receive.

I have been receiving a lot of messages lately telling me to stop thinking, and just allow myself to be. For this reason when journeying I have been told not to look for a place to descend into the Otherworlds, but to just lie upon the grassy ground. Once there, a layer of grass grows over me and I sink into the earth, ending up in my resting place.

This is what happened on this night. I entered my resting place in the Otherworld and once there I looked for the flaming wheel.

I found it, attached to a chariot, and found myself flying through the air in the chariot. Complete with fiery red/golden wheels and a vividly white horse pulling it. I’ve ridden this horse before – this is the same white horse which has taken me on journeys in the past.


Bride’s Cross Solar wheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After we had flown for a while, I saw a woman I knew to be a Goddess in the chariot with me. She was dressed in a white robe with a mantle which came up over her head to cover her hair. It was trimmed in gold thread and shimmered with light.

She spoke to me:

Stand tall. You are my Priestess. I have chosen you. All you do you do for me.

I asked Her who She was.

That will be revealed. You know Me. You have felt My power before.

I asked what I needed to do.

Honour Me. Devote yourself to me. Honour me each day.

She went on to say –

You have been neglecting Me. Take this space you have been given and use it to strengthen our bond.

I asked how I should show devotion.

By lighting a flame. By chanting. By knowing me. By veiling your hair for Me.

When you know who I am the time will be to devote yourself to me.

Again, I was told to remember that I am Her priestess.

This all happened just over a week ago. Since then, I have covered my hair each day and I light a candle in Her name each morning.

I have also used this time during the past week to try to discover who this Goddess might be. It took a day to figure out who it could be, and this week of questioning and listening to discover without a doubt that it is indeed Brigid.

Tonight, while drumming, she sent me a message through the Goddess Amulets.

Goddess Amulets – Seeking Knowledge of Brighde

Cow – Partnerships

You cannot do this alone. Seek the company and partnerships of others who have also been called to me. Find the Flamekeepers. They will guide you.

In time you will be my Priestess. Know that for now I have chosen you. You do not walk this life alone. Call upon me to aide and protect you.

Gorgon – Transforming anger

use your anger to get you through the next few months. Not the quick burst flame that burns everything in its path then flickers out.

Use your anger to change your situation to your favour. Let the flames of a mother’s wrath sustain you.

Hand with seeds – Accepting responsibility

A delicate situation is at hand but you have the tools and the skills to deal with it. You have the power of growth and change without your grasp. Do not hold it too tightly. Seeds must be planted in order to grow.

Do the work you need to do. Make your plans. Keep your schedules.

Sheila-na-gig – Honouring choices

Make your choices. Know your choices. Honour your choices. You sit making no choices and this will lead to stagnation. Discover and work. Then you will know where it leads. Don’t let a fewar of moving forward keep you from making that next step.

Spider – Sacred creativity

Honour your creative gifts. Nurture this part of you for it is by discovering who you are that you will know further who I am.

A second drumming session later led to further messages from Lady Brighde, but that I think is a post for another time.


4 thoughts on “On life changes and turmoil, and meeting a new Goddess

  1. Upheaval and transformation(s) can be pretty full on to deal with sometimes. I’ve been through some myself over the years. From the way you write you are right, you do have the tools to make it through. It’ll feel incredibly difficult at times, but there are reasons for these things.
    All I say say is, hang on in there. Take it by the next 30 seconds if taking it day to day is too much.
    Keep posting! We’re rooting for you and with you! (I’m a dab hand with a spade if you ever need a hand – formerly being an archaeologist ‘n’ all.)

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