Walking with the Amulets – A Journey of Gratitude

I am one of many who have worked and trained with the beautiful Kay Gillard here in England. As a group, we try to share journeys together when we can and when we are not, we come together from our separate locations with an intention of journeying for a specific purpose.

Most recently, we were asked to journey with the intention of understanding richness and freedom. What is it, where is my richness and freedom? What can I do to make the most of this? What can I do to bring it about for others? And finally, how can I best be in gratitude?

I set out with the intention of meeting my guides to ask these questions. While I do not generally create a circle, I have taken to doing specific rituals association with journeying. I lit the candles on the altar, burnt sage and smudged the room, myself, and Old Man Drum. I then held Old Man and drummed until the time came to draw the Amulets. Even before drawing though, I was told that it was not “richness” that I needed to ask about, but “abundance”.


Where is my abundance?

Amulet drawn – Cat

The Cat Amulet symbolises Protection.


Cat’s message: Your abundance comes from what you already have. The knowledge you have gained. The skills you possess. Protect them from your own doubts and the doubts of others.


Where is freedom?

Amulet drawn – Comb

The Comb Amulet symbolises Self-Reliance.


Comb’s message: Freedom comes from being able to rely upon yourself. From within. Your body can be contained but your mind cannot. Dance always. Freedom is always with.


What can I do to make the most of the abundance and freedom I have?

Amulet drawn – Snake

The Snake Amulet symbolises Shedding Fear.

Shedding fear

Snakes message: Release the fears you have of losing it. Abundance does not come from possessions. It comes from within and from what you can provide for others. Release your fears of losing. You cannot lose what is always within your heart / mind/ soul.


What can I do to help bring abundance and freedom to others?

Amulet drawn – Sprouting Seed

The Sprouting Seed Amulet symbolises New Growth.

New growth

Sprouting Seed’s message: Their seeds have already been planted now let them grow. You cannot do this for others you can only show a way. They must plant the seeds and allow them to grow themselves.


How can I best show gratitude for the abundance and freedom I do have?

Amulet drawn – Laussel Goddess

The Laussel Goddess Amulet symbolises Moontime.

Moon time

Laussel Goddess’ message: By honouring your self. Honour what you hold within.

The guidance from the spirits who have chosen to work with and through me has not ended here though. When meditating upon the Reiki Principles, and upon the third principle specifically “Be grateful”, I was led to a new understanding of this phrase which you can read about in The Healing Room – Breaking Down the Reiki Principles: Be Grateful.



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