The Weekly Amulet Reading | The Spiral Journey

The Spiral Journey is a way of reading the Goddess Amulets which can give insight into your current life path or situation. It is part of a journey of healing and transformation.

Seven amulets are laid out in a spiral pattern, starting from the center and moving outwards in a clockwise direction.

As I do this journey, I will be listening to a drumming track courtesy of The Shamanic Voice.

Amulet 1 – Gifts and Talents

Temple – Breakthrough, Awakening, Healing, Balance

In life, I find that I want to seek balance. This is most likely in part due to having a Libra Ascendant. I always look to see the other side, to find balance in my actions. I am the person who can see all 3 sides of an argument, and find reason to agree with all 3 sides as well.

In terms of my own Spiral Journey at this time, I look at the Temple and see that I am about to embark on a new Journey. A new venture. Entering the doorway into a new way of thinking and being. This could of course relate to the planned move my husband and I are making to Scotland in the coming several months. Then again, it could be directly related to the messages I have been receiving lately from the Northern Norns and my Matron Goddess, Modron.


Amulet 2 – Childhood Wishes

Eyes – Reflecting Inner Visions

Transformations in perception. Looking and watching, getting to know and trust stillness. I see a new path in front of me, childhood fears of change and the unknown may be clouding my vision and judgement. Keep your eyes open and watch until the way forward becomes clear.



Amulet 3 – Secrets

Nightstar – Fulfillment

The secret would, like many, be the fear of not being ______ enough. Am I wise enough, old enough, knowledgeable enough? Have I done enough?

Universal energies are with me now. I am fulfilling my purpose and doing what I need to be doing right now in life. With an added message to include prayer and meditation in my life from now on. This goes right in line with my thinking at the moment as I have begun to wonder if I need to include some sort of daily meditation or devotional work in my daily routine.


Amulet 4 – Pleasures and Treasures

Snake – Shedding Fear, Renewing Hope

Wisdom is deep within me and I can rejoice in that. I am in a time of change and transformation as I move through menopause and become an Elder in my community. Old fears can be shed and released.

My pleasure is in entering this new stage of life, this is something that I am ready for. My treasure is in the wisdom and knowledge I have gained, and sharing it with others.


Amulet 5 – Anger, Fear, and Sadness

Owl – Wisdom of the Darkness

As I begin this new journey through the doorways of the Temple, Owl will guide me through the darkness, and time of not being able to see the way forward. Fears of the unknown, sadness at leaving a familiar past behind. Balance of insight and clarity of mind is needed at this time. Owl will provide this.



Amulet 6 – Mind, Body, Spirit

Inanna – Self-Transformation

Inner powers have awakened. This is a time of soul-searching, questioning, and learning. Each question leading me onwards to the next question. It is she who called me to do this spiral journey. I am in a state of change and transformation and will emerge through the doors a new me.


Amulet 7 – Future Self

Spider – Sacred Creativity

It is time to weave sacred creativity back into my life. The sacred dwells within, and in the future I will be focusing more on this part of myself through writing, ritual, and healing work.


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