Day 13: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

What modern cultural issues are closest to The Cailleach’s heart?

Being as She is, ancient enough to be apart from most modern world cultures, the Cailleach tends not to worry overly much about cultural issues. She predates the Picts and the Celts. She was there to greet the Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danaan. She has seen people come and go along with their cultures.

I would say that the biggest issues that have caught The Cailleach’s attention in modern times are not so much cultural as environmental.

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Day 12: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Places associated with The Cailleach and Her worship

I’ll start by saying this straight up. The Cailleach is not the sort of Deity who wants or needs worship. The early Scots and possibly the Irish had a lot of respect for the Deities around them, but didn’t tend to go in for the whole worshipping them bit.

You would think, as a priestess of The Cailleach, that this would entail in some way the idea of worhip.

It doesn’t. I serve as Her priestess, I honour Her. But, no where in my agreement with The Cailleach is there an expectation of worship. She does not need it.

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