Day 13: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

What modern cultural issues are closest to The Cailleach’s heart?

Being as She is, ancient enough to be apart from most modern world cultures, the Cailleach tends not to worry overly much about cultural issues. She predates the Picts and the Celts. She was there to greet the Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danaan. She has seen people come and go along with their cultures.

I would say that the biggest issues that have caught The Cailleach’s attention in modern times are not so much cultural as environmental.

Issues that impact upon the land and waters, and the wild animals that live upon them are honey-locust-trunk-4foremost in Her mind. We’ve faced these issues ourselves for some time, but they seem to be more important to people as a whole now instead of just being the province of the fringe radicals.

People around the world are standing in support of the Native Peoples of who have united to protect the rivers and their sacred ancestral lands from a massive pipeline that oil companies want to build. This is not the only pipeline and bands of water protectors, as they call themselves, have sprung up in Canada, Florida USA, and other parts of North America. Through the wonders of modern social media, information and mis-information about the these events can be shared around the world within seconds.

Those companies that would poison the water and the land and hide it from view, are being exposed on a daily basis. Again, through social media images and information about these events can be shared far more quickly than these companies were once able to sweep them out of view.

I don’t speak for The Cailleach, but sometimes The Cailleach chooses to speak through me. A spotlight has been shone on what is being done to our planet and The Cailleach is not happy.

three-great-agesThose who know me will tell you that I am not an activist. It is not in me to stand in a protest line. I can however, make sure as much as possible that accurate information is being shared. I can shine a spotlight work to expose the propaganda that is being generated by corporations in their attempts to hide the effects of their actions.

I can add what support I can, in ways that I am able, to those Earth Protectors around the world who are standing against trans-global pipelines that leak and spew pollutants into our water supplies. I can lend my voice to the chorus in saying – No more!

Go here to support Standing Rock, the water protectors who are working to stop completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).







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