Book Review – The Otherworld Series

Otherworld seriesThis isn’t a review of one book, but instead a look at an entire series of books by author Yasmine Galenorn.

Meet the D’Artigo Sisters-three half human, half-Fae wild and sexy members of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Camille, a witch, Delilah, a werecat, and Menolly, an acrobat extraordinaire turned vampire, are sent Earthside, where they end up in the middle of a demonic war. Together with friends and lovers, they must use put a stop to Shadow Wing, the Demon Lord, as they attempt to save two worlds, one monster at a time.

At last check there have been 18 books published, with 3 more lined up for future release. In addition there are a dozen short story books and anthologies with additional stories.  No. I’ve not read all these in the past month!

I first discovered the Otherworld Books from Yasmine Galenorn back around about 2008 /2009 when I came across Witchling, Changeling, Darkling and Dragon Wytch in the local bookstore. I read these, then got distracted by life for a few years.

Fast forward and I found the Other World series again and picked up reading where I had left off.

So, what do I like about these books?

I like that there is a bit of reality to them. There is a realism that comes through in the women’s interactions with each other, with Deities, and with other other-worldly characters that seems to be missing in a lot of other books from this genre. This same authenticity can be found in the way rituals and spellcastings are described. It was not a surprise for me to learn that the author is herself a practicing witch and an elder in her community.

Many of the words that have been written as part of the rituals and magic the women use I have been tempted to copy out into my own Book of Shadows for use in my own rituals. That’s how much I like them. Simple, eloquent, and filled with depth of meaning.

I like that while it is classed as a romance with sexually explicit scenes, it isn’t over run with these scenes. The sex scenes which are present flow naturally with what is happening in the story. No stopping in the midst of fighting major baddies for a quick 5 way group grope and inter-humanoid species sexual orgy that takes 2 chapters to trudge your way through.Yeah, I get it that some people like these little forays into soft porn, otherwise you wouldn’t have publishers telling their authors to add these scenes into their books.

But – when overdone, or over used, they just leave me thinking – meh. I get bored and skip ahead.

The Otherworld series has scenes of a sexual nature, but they aren’t the main point of the books. There’s an actual plot line, several plot lines actually.

I like that while there are over a dozen books in this series, a reader could pick up a book in the middle and not be left thinking – wait? What happened? Because the reader is given a brief synopsis of what has led them to this point.

On the other hand, I also like that the first chapter of each book doesn’t try to be a retelling of every single thing that has happened since day 1.

I like that the women of the Otherworld series can kick butt when they need to, but aren’t afraid to accept help from others when they need it. I like that they have weaknesses. Camille’s magic tends to back fire on occasion, Delilah is apt to turn into a tabby cat when things get too stressful, and Menolly can sometimes be a somewhat clumsy acrobat, not to mention the whole getting used to being a vampire. On the other hand, with the changes that have been made and their continuing training and experiences, they are each gaining a better control over their individual powers and discovering new powers.

Is there anything I don’t like?

No, I can’t say that there is.

There are quite a few authors of the contemporary urban fantasy genre that I have started reading, then quit after the first half dozen or fewer books because they just got repetitive and boring. This hasn’t happened with the Otherworld Books.

So, thank you Yasmine Galenorn for sharing your muse with us. I look forward to reading the rest of the tales from the D’artigo sisters.

Otherworld Series (Main Books)

  1. Witchling
  2. Changeling
  3. Darkling
  4. Dragon Wytch
  5. Night Huntress
  6. Demon Mistress
  7. Dark Magic
  8. Harvest Hunting
  9. Blood Wyne
  10. Courting Darkness
  11. Shaded Vision
  12. Shadow Rising
  13. Haunted Moon
  14. Autumn Whispers
  15. Crimson Veil
  16. Priestess Dreaming
  17. Panther Prowling
  18. Darkness Raging

Still to be published:

  1. Queen of Dusk and Twilight
  2. Maiden of the Harvest
  3. Daughter of the Blood


The Books of Yasmine Galenorn – are available on Amazon. If you click through a buy a book using this link I may receive a small commission on that purchase….. at some unknown date in the future.

Yasmine Galenorn’s official web page

This is an unsolicited review. I have not received any compensation for it.



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