Book Review: Goddess Connections

Goddess Connections: Goddess Rituals for the Modern Priestess by Tara L. Reynolds

Tara contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I would be willing to review her newly published book, Goddess Connections. I received a free copy of the book in exchange.

Goddess Connections provides detailed information about nine Goddesses from five different world pantheons. I like that Tara has chosen a selection of different Goddesses, with different attributes and that she hasn’t shied away from discussing some of the darker aspects of these Goddesses. Isis, Hathor, Aphrodite, Hekate, Artemis, Freyja, The Morrigan, Brigid and Yemaya can all be found within the pages here.

Each section provides background information on that Goddess, plus rituals and exercises that can be done to help strengthen your connection to each of them. I thought the background information was very well researched, and I love that Tara has included a detailed bibliography from reputable sources in the back of the book so that readers can do their own explorations and further studies. She has illustrated Goddess Connections with her own artwork, beautiful colour paintings of each Goddess in a simple style that I feel ideally captures their essences.

This is a book that you could read from cover to cover, but it is I feel better suited as a book that you dip into where you will, over and over again. I would have liked to have had a table of contents at the beginning, to make it easier to find pages on a specific Goddess. I have a hard copy, but if you happen to have an ebook, a table of contents would be even more essential. This is a minor hiccup however, and one easily remedied in any future editions, in a book that I have rather enjoyed dipping into and reading for myself. I already know that my own copy will be used regularly, with dog-eared pages, lots of bookmarks, and perhaps an occasional pencilled note in the margin.

If you are a beginner to Goddess spirituality or Pagan religions I believe you will like the simplicity of the meditations, rituals, and exercises to be found here. I would not say this book is only for the beginner however as each ritual and exercise can easily be expanded or altered by the more experienced practitioner to fit their need. They could also be adapted for use in a small group setting.

Goddess Connections: Goddess Rituals for the Modern Priestess can be purchased online. If you would prefer to purchase it via the UK, follow this link instead. Purchasing through these links or the link above will give me a small commission.

You can follow Tara Reynolds on her blog, Love of the Goddess



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