52 weeks of The Pagan Experience

I set out at the beginning of 2015 with a goal of contributing one post each week for The Pagan Experience, and here I am at the end of 2015.

kitchen witch

I fell behind a few times, got ahead of myself fewer times, but here at the end I have 52 posts written specifically for TPE.

It’s not enough though to have written 52 posts on being Pagan and being a witch. What have I gained from taking part in TPE 2015?

  1. Loads of wonderful new readers. Welcome to everyone who decided to follow me in 2015, and to those who came to read a single post or two or more.
  2. Loads more wonderful blogs to follow, not just about Paganism and witchcraft but about a wide range of topics. (I promist to do better about getting round to reading more from you more often.)
  3. I’ve gained a better understanding of where I am in terms of experience and knowledge as a Pagan witch, and where it is that I need to continue learning.
  4. I’ve set a goal and followed through on it. Completely. Yes, this is a vey big deal for me.

So, how do I continue this trend? Simples – I’m going to be signing up to do it all again in 2016.

It may be a bit more difficult as the host of TPE is changing the format slightly. Instead of a weekly topic, she is giving a monthly topic, and we can add as many posts to that topic as we wish.

This year we will have a single topic for the entire month.  Each month there will be one posting page that will have the widget access the entire month to be added to as you wish. I will continue to post the monthly page.

To make things somewhat easier on myself, I will start each month by choosing 4, or 5 aspects of that theme to write about. I do like having a plan.

So out with the old – it’s time to put TPE 2015 into the archives. (I’ll work out some way so that it can be accessed without too much fuss.) In with the new – I’ll be setting things up for TPE 2016 and deciding the first month’s topics over the next few days.



I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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