10 Useful Tips for Pagans

1. Birthday candles work just as well as any other candle for spellwork.

They don’t burn for hours longer than you really need them to, are cheap and easy to get from any shop, and come in a variety of colours.

2. Spells work better if you use your own words, and they don’t really have to rhyme.

Not everyone is a poet, and you can get so caught up in trying to find a word that rhymes with purple you lose focus on what you’re trying to accomplish.

3. Candle wax will drip on fabric no matter how much you may try to prevent it.

To get candle wax out of fabric, cover with parchment paper or kitchen greaseproof paper, and slowly run a warm iron over that. Pick up and move the paper frequently to keep a clean section over the wax.

4. Fruit juice is a suitable substitute for wine in the ritual cup if you or one of your guests doesn’t drink alcohol.

No matter how much the Gods or other guests may moan about it.

5. Smoke alarms can be annoying.

If taking the batteries out of a smoke alarm isn’t an option, you can temporarily cover the sensor with cling film (make sure to remove it afterwards!). Or run a circulating fan pointing towards the smoke alarm to blow any incense smoke away.

6. You can find all sorts of really cool ritual tools and items in boot fairs, charity shops, and antique stores.

They won’t be labelled as such, so use your imagination. Also look for old mugs if you host a lot of gatherings as Pagans tend to go through a lot of tea.

7. The week after a major holiday is a good time as well to get witchy type items from shops at a discount price.

I’ve found candles, decorations, incense, and even a witch’s broom at post-holiday discount sales.

8. The Gods don’t care if your ritual cakes are home baked or store bought.

Your guests will appreciate the store bought if you really can’t bake.

9. It is okay to break the rules of spellcasting and ritual work for your tradition. understand the rules

First you have to know and understand why the rules are there, so learn and follow them. But if when doing work for yourself you get an urge to do something differently, or if you see someone else doing it “not the way you was taught”, that’s okay.

10. Ritual robes don’t have to be fancy

  • For a quick and easy ritual robe, meaure your height from shoulder to just above the floor.
  • Buy a length of fabric double that number. If necessary, trim the top and bottom to make them straight and even.
  • Fold the fabric in half from top to bottom, and then from side to side.
  • On the upper double folded side, cut a rounded corner off, about 4 inches from the corner.You can make a slight cut to make this wider if necessary.
  • Undo the first fold.
  • Sew up from bottom to 8 – 10 inches from the top on each side, leaving a 2 – 3 inch edge on each side.
  • Put on and mark where the robe hits your waist. Make a 1 inch slit on each side to run a belt or cord through.

basic robe

Bonus 11. Never invoke something if you don’t know how to get rid of it.

Really. Don’t. Just don’t.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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