Walking with Spirit

Over time, I have come to understand Spirit on many different levels.

There are the Spirit animals and beings I interact with when in Otherworld Space and Time. These are the helpers and teachers I work with when doing Intuitive Healing Work. Sometimes, I refer to them as non-corporeal entities.

Fairies dancing on flower Image created by NanLT using silk weave and photoscape

There are the spirits of those who have died. Ghosts if you will. I don’t tend to see spirits of those who have died but I can feel emotional imprints that have been left in a place. Where the emotional imprint is particularly strong, or where it has been put down over and over again over many years, I can sometimes get a sense of what happened.

Finally there is Spirit used by me up until now interchangeably with Soul, to indicate the spark of energy being present within as as all living (and non-living) things.

I find as I continue learning on this path that I am having to rethink many ideas I once had. I now understand that Soul and Spirit while similar, are not the same thing. I am trying to simplify things here for my own understanding. All things are imbued with an energy, Martha Rogers in her Science of Unitary Human Beings said it the best way – Human beings do not have energy fields, they are energy fields.The soul is that energy field which we are.

Spirit is the amassed conjoining, collection, merging, of many many souls, not just human souls, not just animal, not just plant or rock or tree, forming a wholeness. It is this wholeness which we try to simplify down into a singular understandable word – God. And perhaps here the Jewish and people of other faith groups got it right in leaving one letter out or in forbidding followers from creating picture images. Because God presents us with an illusion that just because we can name something fully that means we fully understand it. But G-d reminds us that however much we may think we understand, we can never fully, truly, understand just what that all encompassing Soul connection means. We catch glimpses of a whole and think we have seen the entirety.

Monotheistic religions operate under the illusion that their singular God is this entirety. And I do understand that for many maintaining this illusion is necessary. Even the Gods who I follow, my Patron Gods have shown me that They are the glimpses that I have seen. They are not the whole. The Whole is so vast, so all encompassing, a million shimmering threads woven together, that trying to fully comprehend it with my human brain would only lead to madness.

For the most part, I suspect I will continue to use the words Spirits when referring to the Light Beings and non-corporeal healers who guide and assist me in the healing work. For one thing it’s quicker to say Spirits than “light beings and ….” every time. For another, most other Energy Healers and magic creators know what I mean when I say I got a message from Spirit.

I can’t go back to calling the soul that creates me a spirit however. Not when I know there is so much more out there, and my soul is a tiny thread within it.

Written for The Pagan Experience


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