Laussel Goddess Amulet – Moon Time

laussel goddessThe Laussel Goddess amulet is modelled after the Laussel Venus that was discovered at the entrance to a cave in the Dordogne Valley in France. The carving is approximately 25,000 years old, is about 20 inches in height and is a light tan colour. Traces of red ochre were found on the carving and there are indications it was once completed painted with red ochre.

A crescent horn or possibly a crescent moon with 13 carved marks is being held in her right hand while her left hand gently rests on her belly. One theory from those who have studied objects and carvings such as this is that the marks are lunar calculations and were remnants of the world’s earliest calendars.

Other speculations are that this figure represents a musical instrument, a cornucopia, or possibly a drinking vessel.

Oracle meanings

When the Laussel Goddess sits on your council of elders, her message is to take your time, to stop rushing around. Often times this amulet appears when you need to pause before making a major life decision.

She comes to tell you there is time. Time to find your balance. Time to honour your body and its rhythms. Time to discover your feelings and express them. Time to rest and recharge. By continually forcing yourself to work beyond the point of exhaustion, what issues are you trying to avoid? What emotions are you hiding from? What emotions are disturbing you? Find a safe place to express them. What messages from your past are keeping you from allowing yourself just to stop and be? What can you replace those messages with?

Take the time to become more aware of your own cycles. When are your energy levels the highest? The lowest? Discover your own rhythms and make a note of how they change through the cycling of the moon. If you are a woman, track how your mood and energy levels change through your menstrual cycle. Even if you have reached menopause or don’t have periods, you will notice that you still have your own rhythms across a month. And if you are a man, then make note of how your mood and energy levels change across one moon cycle. The rhythms of the Earth and the Moon flow through all, male and female.

The Laussel Goddess invites you to step into her cave just to rest and renew yourself through inner peace. This may be especially important to you if you are feeling emotionally spent, or are at your wits end dealing with emotional situations. Make time in your schedule to spend time in your own cave, however you may create it.


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