An image which has influenced me

Talking Point

For this Thursday’s talking point I want to share with you an image which I created as a reminder of my own inner strength and as a way of honouring the incredible growth and transformation I have been undergoing over the past several years.

Has it influenced me as a Pagan? I don’t know. It has certainly influenced me as a person though, and the two are not mutually exclusive.


I created this montage using public domain images found on the internet with a free photo editing program called PhotoScape.

The bottom half of the image shows a sea of flames. From left to right you can see an orca peeking out from the flames, an angel with flaming sword, fiery butterflies flying out of the flames, and monarch butterflies on a branch above the flames climbing out of its chrysalis. Each image has meaning for me, and marks a point in my own transformation.

Orca is a power animal which acted as a guardian when I was at the lowest point in my mental and emotional breakdown. It leads the way.

The angel with flaming word is my Reiki guide, B’Schiel, who stood guard over my heart soul when my heart was shattered into millions of glistening glass shards. A piece of my soul was lost at that time, and I cried when I discovered that B’Schiel had found that shattered soul piece and was keeping it safe until I was ready to take it back again.

The monarch butterflies are my own newly growing and transforming heart soul, growing and transforming in its protective case until the time is right to take down those shields and allow the transformations which have occurred to climb out. A recent check during a healing session revealed that those shields are still in place. Which tells me that my butterfly soul has not yet finished its transformations.

During a shamanic journey, several months before my life was so drastically and permanently changed, I was told by my spirit guides, “You need to journey through the Underworld. All that you are will be burnt away, and you will be reformed.”

The fiery butterflies symbolise my journey through the world of Death, and my transformation as I have emerged out the other side a new, more whole person.

I’ve not made this journey alone. I’ve had the support of trusted friends, trusted healers, and a trusted therapist, all of whom have been helping me to finish burning away those things of my past, those thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and abusive relationships which were keeping me stuck. Like the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis though, they cannot do the work for me I must do that myself. They can only give support and love, and help me to see where things are still clinging on.

I can do this work without fear though because I know I have an angel with flaming sword standing guard.

Is there an image which has influenced you on your own spiritual path?


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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