My Thoughts on the Law of Attraction

Magnetism and the Law of Attraction 

There has been a lot of talk and books about the Law of Attraction in recent years, perhaps popularised by books such as

Incense smoke Image by NanLT made using silk weave and photoscape

What are you manifesting in your life? Image by NanLT made using silk weave and photoscape

“The Secret” and the film by the same name. The basic concept is quite simple – that which our mind focuses on, we attract into our lives.

And therein lies the problem I have with the idea. Such thinking sets people up for believing themselves to be failures, and for looking down upon others as being somehow morally deficient or “less enlightened”. If he was only a more evolved soul (like I am) he wouldn’t be attracting such negative events into his life.

If we spend all our time worrying about paying bills do we really start getting more bills in the post? Or do we just tend to notice them more when they do arrive?

Back in 2004 I developed post-natal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after the birth of my youngest son. Amongst other difficulties I had I began to have anxiety attacks when I would see pregnant women and people wearing name badges similar to those worn by hospital staff. And I started to become fearful of going out because it seemed like I couldn’t walk 50 feet down the High Street or enter any building without seeing 2 or 3 pregnant women and/or the same number wearing name badges.

Now, looking back do I really think there was a sudden increase in the pregnancy rate for this area in those 12 months? Was the local NHS hospital sending more staff into the community where they could cross paths with me?

Of course not. But! The number of pregnant women and the number of people wearing ID badges had neither increased or decreased but in my own state of hyper-awareness I noticed both more readily.

Does this mean I don’t think we can attract things into our lives?

Well, no. I think we do attract things. But not necessarily what we say we want. As I hinted at in my previous post, if we spend an hour a day focusing on manifesting abundance in our lives, but 23 hours focusing on how much we are lacking, it is the 23 hours which will more strongly influence what we are attracting.

If you keep telling yourself I am fit and healthy, but continue to comfort eat quantities of junk and veg in front of the telly all day every day, your mind /body is going to get the idea that healthy means feeling sluggish, comfort eating loads of junk and numbing the mind with hours of television.

It’s not enough to think “I have X in my life.” You must also live your life as if you already have it.

What about Spells?

Of course, a big part of being a witch is that I can and do cast spells (rarely, but I have the skill) and those spells have worked, most of the time. Any witch who tells you that she’s never had a spell that didn’t work, is either lying or hasn’t cast very many. You can read about my first spell here.

I define spell casting as the shaping of Energy to create a specific purpose. And the process for creating a spell begin well before I actually sit in front of my altar, or at the kitchen table, and begin casting.

Many times there can be a period of days or hours as I focus on what it is I want to achieve and how I will go about manifesting it. Objects to aid in focusing that intent will come to mind. Different herbs, candles, incense, or other objects which can aid me in building, holding, and shaping that Energy.

What am I manifesting?

My focus in recent years has been on rebuilding my life after the traumas of 2012/2013. In 2914 my children and I became homeless and we were put into temporary accommodations. We are still in that temporary accommodation over a year later, but what I realised very early on was that for my own well-being and the well-being of my children I could not think of it as being temporary, I had to make it our home.

I know absolutely that the place which will be our home to live in long-term will come to us, when the time is right. It may be that place hasn’t been built yet, or perhaps someone else is still using it. Until then, we have a flat which we can use and I have filled it with our personal touches to make it feel more like a home. More importantly though when I speak of the flat were we live I call it our home and I talk to the boys of going home and climbing the stairs to our flat.

Likewise when I consider my health these days I focus my attention as much as possible on what I can do and not so much on what I can’t do. Recently, I had a person on the periphery of my life asking quite a lot of nosy questions about my weight and my health. And through dealing with her I made one major realisation.

Yes, I am overweight. By anyone’s standards I am obese. And I have physical and mental health issues. But, none of those issues are a result of my weight. Granted, being overweight doesn’t help some of these issues, but it didn’t cause them either.

Two years ago, I couldn’t be very active because of chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis. With help from my doctors and a careful use of medications that pain and inflammation has been minimised. Today, I am walking more, knitting more, and doing a tai chi/qi gong class one a week. Moving to a flat at the top of two flights of stairs didn’t feel me with dread as it would have done even a year ago. Instead I have approached it as a challenge and an adventure – look at the opportunities for more activity as I go up and down these stairs which the Universe has given me.

Does the Universe always give you what you want?

No, but if pay attention, you will often find that it gives you exactly what you need.

Find out what other Pagans have to say about Magnetism and the Law of Attraction over at The Pagan Experience.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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