My Wand is Just a Stick

A wand is the tool most associated with being a witch, but it is also, I feel, the least necessary of tools. Because you always carry with you something which can be used in place of a wand. What is that, you may be asking?

Your finger.

That’s right. If you don’t have a wand handy in which to channel magical energies, just point your finger. It’ll work just as well.

You can find all sorts of ornately decorated wands in any New Age shop. And if that is what you are drawn to use, then I say go for it. When it came to finding my own wand however, I opted to go with something a bit plainer.

witch wandMy wand, is a stick, a small piece of driftwood. I found it when walking along the beach near Dover, England many many years ago. The sea waters have given it a silky smoothness and it measures a scant 8 inches long, slightly less than the length of my forearm.

It has no little crystals, no dangling bits, no ornamentation at all except that which nature gave to it. I have been using it for over a decade and it is very much an extension of my arm when I am doing ritual or magical work.

Tradition states that you should never touch a wand that belongs to another witch because that wand in imbued with that witch’s personal energy. I agree with this, in part because yes a witch’s tools will pick up his/her signature energies, but also because it’s just good manners. You don’t mess with other people’s stuff without their permission.

I use my wand in formal ritual when inviting the directions into the circle, and during some forms of spell casting for stirring and directing energies. I’m just as likely in spell casting to use my finger, or entire hand.

Depending on which Pagan tradition you follow, and personal belief, the wand corresponds either to the element of Fire or Air. It is used for directing magical energies. While I personally don’t believe a wand holds any intrinsic magical energies, I do believe it can be used to store personal energies for spell casting or ritual work.

Wands are generally made of wood, different woods are supposed to have different magical properties, but I have seen wands made from minerals such as selenite or quartz crystal, or metal (most commonly copper). I couldn’t tell you what sort of wood mine however. When it found me on that beach in Dover I wasn’t looking for a wand. And ever since what has been more important to me is – does it do the job. The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

I am absolutely not saying here that highly ornate or decorated wands, or wands made of specially chosen wood, or crystal wands are bad or wrong, and if you have a wand that is loaded with bling and that wands works well with you, then it is most definitely the correct wand for you.

On the other hand, if you are on a limited income and are worried that getting the perfect wand is out of your reach because you can’t afford one of those blinged out wands, remember that a twig donated by a local tree or picked up on a lonely beach, or even your pointed finger can also be used.

What kind of wand do you use?

Do you share my views on wands, or do you have differing opinions? Why not share them here.


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