Calling Upon the Gods

bighid chant

I’ve talked before about the ways in which I interact with Deity, including this post a while back on why I don’t invoke. And I explored the ways in which I talk to Deity more full in a previous post for Pagan Experience, Conversations Over the Garden Fence.

But this week’s Pagan Experience is asking us to share your favourite invocation or devotional to the Deity of your choice. 

While I don’t invoke, I do have formal and casual ways of talking to the Gods, depending upon the situation and Who I am speaking to. For instance, Herne tends to be somewhat informal with me. Oh, I am fully aware of His power and his status as Lord of the Hunt and He can be quite intimidating when He wants to be. But there is an easy-going informality with Him. Talking to Herne is like sitting down with a friend at the pub over a pint of beer. Well, beer for him, soda water for me. And when I call Him a right bastard and tell Him to leave me the f*ck alone, He just laughs and disappears for a while.

Brighid, on the other hand is quite formal even in the most casual of situations with me. There is a regal-ness to Her which influences every interaction. I wouldn’t dream of telling this Lady to f*ck off. Not because of a fear of something happening, but because you just don’t speak to Her that way.

I do have a simple phrase I use when I am honouring Brighid at my altar, and after Herne bitched a bit about feeling left out I started using a similar phrase to honour Him.

Brighid gets a small shot glass of water (tap if nothing else is available, otherwise fresh water from a natural spring or well.

Her devotional chant is:

Hail Brighid
Solar Queen
Golden Lady
Mistress of Fire and Water
I honour You.

Herne gets a small shot glass of whisky.

His devotional chant is:

Hail Herne,
Horned God
Leader of the Wild Hunt
I honour you.

Most of my conversations though happen when I am doing mundane tasks throughout the day. Herne or Brighid may pop into my ear with a comment or question when I am driving (I discourage this when I need to concentrate), or when I am doing housework, or healing work. Or even when I am sitting at my computer writing a blog post. “Don’t forget to mention ______.” I will suddenly have come into my head.

Oh yes, this whole speaking in my head. How do I know these thoughts, because that is what they tend to be, thoughts, are coming from Deity and are not just a figment of my imagination?

Sometimes because the thought is so far out in left field away from something I would normally think about. Sometimes it is because I have asked a question, and through a process of writing or letting a question linger in the back of my mind, a response comes to me. Most often though it is because I just know. The thought speech coming from Herne feels different from the thought speech coming from Brighid, and both feel different from thoughts which originate from my own mind.

Finally, I look to the words of wisdom from the great wizard, Professor Albus Dumbledore, “Just because something is all in your head, does not mean it is not also real.”

The Pagan Experience 2015


2 thoughts on “Calling Upon the Gods

  1. Yes! People never believe me when I mention telling Herne to just bugger off sometimes (normally when I’m in a foul mood). They gasp and ask, “But, He’s Deity!” Yes, but he’s also very laid back and was once a man. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has this wonderful type of relationship with him! And YES to the pub! I thought I was imagining being taken into that world with him once or twice, but yes!

    Mine for Herne is, “Herne the Hunter, Lord of the WIld and King of Windsor Forest…”

    • Several years ago I took part in a healing share, and after my turn on the table, was told by one of the participants that there had been a rather imposing looking man with antlers coming out of his head standing beside me the whole time. “Oh, that randy bastard.” was my response. “That’s just Herne, He’s usually hanging around somewhere.”

      Fast forward a few years, past my years of Hell, and I was taking part in a shamanic drumming healing circle where we had partnered up. When the young lad I was paired with did work for me I could have sworn throughout that there was someone at my head sending energy as the lad worked on my belly. But no, no one had been there.

      Then, many months later, at another shamanic drumming circle, I again felt this pressure/presence on my head. I asked someone who can see such things what he saw. He took one look at me head and raised his arms up like antlers. “Him.” Ahhhh.

      Herne was just reminding me that while he had been Patron God of our family and of my now ex-husband, He had never stopped being my Patron God. And He knew I was putting out a shot of water for Bridgid each morning, so could I please remember Him as well but put out a shot of whisky, not water.

I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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