A Closer Look at the Ewe Amulet

eweThe Ewe shows up in an oracle reading when issues related to self-worth are involved.

This particular amulet shows the head and shoulders of a ewe in profile. There is a rounded disc with radiating lines on the ewe’s head and she wears a collar covered in chevrons around her neck.

The image is based on a prehistoric rock carving located in the Atlas mountains of Algeria. It is dated between 7000 – 4500 BCE. The full image shows a male figure standing with arms upraised in front of a female sheep. Behind the sheep are two smaller sheep, or lambs, one of which is also wearing a disc on its head.

In prehistory, the Ewe was one of the first domesticated animals to be revered by people. She provided wool for weaving, milk and food for nourishment.

When Ewe appears in a reading, she indicates that it is time to emphasize and encourage your own worth. I’ve found that Ewe generally show up when the reader has been giving away personal power, creating a cycle of decreasing self-esteem and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Where are you following others mindlessly? Where are you giving away your worth, and your power? Have you gotten caught up in a cycle of believing you are a victim and are helpless?

Ewe reminds us that we have worth, we don’t need to prove our right to exist to anyone. She is telling you to look inside and find your strengths.


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