What I Want

This week’s Thursday Talking Point is to post up a picture of something witch related that I want. You’ll notice there isn’t a picture here.

That’s because when it comes to things witchcraft or Pagan related, there isn’t anything that I want RIGHT NOW!

That’s all just stuff. And you don’t need stuff in order to be a witch, or a Pagan.

There is something I do want however.

Most of my readers may not be aware, but my sons and I have been living in a temporary accommodation for a year now, ever since our home had to be sold and we became essentially homeless. The council put us into a 1 bedroom flat and here we have been ever since.

Over the past 12 months I have been bidding each week to try to get into social housing. No luck so far, but I am hopeful we will find our more permanent home one day.

2 weeks ago I received notice that the company which manages this property want us to be moved our by the 6th of March. I am waiting to hear from the council on where we will be living next.

So, what I want?

A home. Nothing fancy. 2 bedrooms, room for a dining table in the kitchen or lounge, a garden for our dog (who has been living with my ex-husband and his parents this past year), and near to public transport which my older son can use to get to and from school easily.

I’m putting it out there into the universe. What I want most of all is a place to call home for me and my sons.


One thought on “What I Want

  1. No help to offer you, but just wanted to wish you good luck. The universe will provide, that is something I have experienced. I live comfortably now in our own home, but when we got married very young we had no place to go either. Thanks for reminding me that we are blessed, I hope things will work out for you and your children soon.

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