What Phase is the Moon?

moon phases

Moon Phases

Today’s talking point is to discuss the current phase of the moon.

Hmmm, and I realised that I’m not entirely sure what phase the moon is in right now. I’m pretty sure it’s nearly full, given that it was a New Moon at the Winter Solstice. But where is it now?

A quick look outside doesn’t shed light on this. There’s too much cloud cover, and besides, all of the houses and buildings around me are effectively hiding any sign of the moon from view. So, I had a look online and found this nifty little moonphases program. After a bit of fiddling around, I have it up and running now in the right hand column.

Now, I can tell you that right now the moon is waxing, and is just a few days away from being the Full Moon.

But what does that mean? To be honest, not a lot for me. When I am doing healing work or spellwork, chances are it is a situation where I need to do the work right then, and I can’t be having with faffing about. I don’t want to have to wait until everything is just right, including the placement of the moon, stars, and planets before doing the work that needs doing.

So, I have a general idea – the moon is waxing or waning, or full. And I may make minor adjustments with that in mind.

I’m not doing any magical work or healing work tonight, but if I were I would focus my energies of drawing what I desire towards me, and seeing or feeling it increase around me.

If the moon were waning, I would focus on sending that which I don’t want or desire way from me, and seeing or feeling it decrease around me.

When I see the Moon hanging in the sky, I do take notice of what phase it is in and I say a quick hello. I also usually recite one of my favourite nursery rhymes about the Moon.

I see the Moon,
And the Moon sees me.
Gods bless the Moon,
And the Gods bless me.

Talking about the Moon ties in rather nicely with the article I wrote for the January issue of “Pagan Pages“. Have I mentioned before that I’m now writing a monthly column for this wonderful Pagan ezine?  No? Well, I am. The column is called “Spiralled Edges” Go ahead and check out the magazine. It’s filled with all sorts of goodness, from a wide range of Pagans.

This month I wrote about Finding Nature in the Edges. How can I follow a Nature-based religion if I don’t actually live in nature? I do it by seeking to find Nature in the world around me, in the cracks and edges of city life. Sometimes, I have to find the Moon in those edges around the corners of buildings, and yes sometimes by looking at it via computer programs.

What influence, if any, does the Moon have on you in your daily life? Do you pay attention to the phases of the moon when doing magical work?

Share your ideas and views here.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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