Dealing with family

I’ve disappeared off again, and I know last summer I tried to be better about such things. Life however, had other plans.

Mid-February I moved with my sons out of the home we had lived in the past 15 years into temporary housing. Things are a bit cramped at times, and for the time being my internet access is less than ideal (Thank Gods for Wifi Hotspots!), but we’re together and we’re fine.

What it has meant is that I have not had the energy to focus on things like blogging or writing. Not when I am driving the boys an hour to get to school each day, and an hour back home again in the evening. (It could be worse, I was able to buy a car otherwise we’d have been riding a bus 2 – 2.5 hours twice a day.)

I am keeping an eye on things, and have answered a few emails which were sent, but I’m not real certain how often I will be able to actually post. Never fear though, I will be back.

I’ll have loads to talk about as well as I have been learning a new hobby, knitting. And I was able to enrol in the Soul Midwifery training last month. Both are keeping me busy in the hours when the boys are in school.










2 thoughts on “Dealing with family

    • Life is looking up, and for all that we are essentially homeless what with living in temporary accommodations and most of our belongings and furniture being in storage, we do have a roof over our heads, we have food in the cupboards, and I have the means to get my kids to and from school each day.

      Everything else is just stuff.

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