Abundance and Choices

and protecting what I have gained

Pagan Blog Project 2014 Week 2 – A

Cauldron Blog Project 2014 – January

January’s amulet, drawn to provide guidance on the coming year was Cat.

amulet of the goddess

Protecting good fortune

“You have worked hard to regain what you have lost. Make sure you protect it now. Don’t let the actions of another take these things you treasure away from you again. Your choices and decisions in January need to show that you are protecting the ones you love.”

As I move into the New Year, I am aware that I am seeking. What I am seeking is a place to belong, a rootedness in something with regards to my spiritual and religious life. So I have opened my self up to discover what my options are. And I am discovering that I actually have many choices.

I know that my usual tendency is to flit amongst the choices, tasting a bit of one and a bit another, but not really committing myself to any. Then, when I find something to focus on, my interest wains and I am off again. This time, I want it to be different.

So, my commitment to myself this year, is to look at my choices, and to focus entirely on one. To seek the abundance that can be found by applying myself to a single task, and to protect what I gain from it by not discarding it when the way gets rough.

In this month though, I set my focus only on discovering what my choices might be. The Sheela-na-gig, 4th amulet drawn in the Council of Elders reading of 3 January 2014 told me I would be faced with many choices this year.

amulet of the goddess

Honoring Choices

Many choices will be presented to you in the coming year. Honour them, but know that decisions and choices do not have to be made in haste. Be careful not to lose your self in seeking to find that place where you belong.

In the month of January, I will explore and honour the abundance of choices that are presented to me. I know that I do not have to choose at this time. It is enough that I explore and honour these choices.

Exploring a choice fully means not just making a list, but looking at each option and educating myself on it. It does not good for me to say “I will take such and such” if I don’t have the money to pay for it, or if it will entail making multiple trips away from home when I don’t have the resources to fund babysitters regularly.

My starting place,  which was discovered in last week’s post, is such  –

Ewe has told me that this is my time to (re)discover my self-worth and sense of identity while the Willendorf Goddess told me that I am seeking to find that place and group where I belong. I am looking for a tribe, of sorts.

Over this past week, I have made mental lists, and followed random links online as I explore options. Because I am not rushing to pin down what it is I will be doing, I am free to explore and wander. Even today, as I thought I had my list fully sorted a new option was shown to me. This is the meaning of the Sheela-na-gig – before you can make a choice, you have to be fully informed of what those choices are. So honor them. Don’t rush in, reacting as you have done in the past, but act.

I considered whether or not to share my developing list of choices, but have decided that this is something that for now needs to remain private. Besides which, you don’t really need to know what choices I discard and why. What matters more is the one that I decide to choose and how I move with that over the coming months ahead.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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