The Element of Fire

Thursday Talking Point

Fire is a misunderstood element. When not contained, it brings fear. But when harnessed it brings much to our lives. Fire is the primary example of why Mother Nature must be respected at all time. Feared, no. But respected, always.

Bonfire (Creative Commons License)

Bonfire (Creative Commons License)

When left to grow unchallenged, fire can devastate a land. One has only to look at the massive fires which have ravished the Western United States and Australia over the past few years. They bring devastation, but we know that fire has been a part of the land for thousands of years. Fire clears out dead overgrowth, allowing new growth to come in. There are even pine trees which need fire in order to reproduce. It is the heat from fire’s flame that opens the pine cones and allows the seeds to be released.

We use fire to heat our homes and cook our food. Fire brings comfort on long, cold nights. How many homes still have fireplaces in an age where most homes

Illusional fireplace

Illusional fireplace

have centralised heating systems? Granted, the fireplace in my house is an electric one and the effect merely an illusion, it produces no heat. But I know when I have it turned on the house seems warmer.

Fire to me is that spark within each and every living thing. It is the millions of chemical reactions taking place within our bodies every hour of every day which keep us moving and alive.


Correspondences in the Passage of Time

Season: Summer

Time of day: Noon

Time of Life: Youth

Correspondences in the Living World



Elemental being: Salamander

Lion, Tiger, Predatory Animals

Natural World:
Sun, Lightning, Fire, Volcanoes, Lava

Correspondences in Tarot and Astrology

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Tarot: Wands

Other Correspondences

witch wand

Simple witch’s wand

Red, Orange, and sometimes Black (infrared)

Direction: South

Magical tool: Wand, Candle

Energy: Masculine


What do you think?

What does fire mean for you? Do you agree with these correspandences, or do you see fire differently?

I saw fire differently in the past.

Within several Pagan traditions, South is the direction of Fire. However, years ago I did some person work, considering where I would place the elements based upon where I was living. (At the time, Eastern Kansas) The elemental correspondences to the directions were determined by people living either along the Mediterranean Sea on in parts of the British Isles. A fair distance away from Kansas! So, I looked at the elements and I meditated on their placement. And I decided that I would put Fire in the East – the place where the sun rises each morning.

I placed the other elements like such:

North – Water – (being a good 15 hour drive away or longer from the nearest salt water rather defeats the idea of looking for the hearest ocean to determin water’s placement, but there’s this giant batch of snow and ice sitting up there to the North of Kansas

West – Earth – Rocky Mountains

South – Air – the name Kansas comes from the Kolnza Indian tribe, and means “People of the South Wind” (And you thought that was just a really good song.)

East – Fire – the rising sun

Today, living in England, the more traditional correspondences fit better for me, but when I did solitary work back in Kansas I used my own placements. I also included 3 other directions – the sky above, the earth below, and the spirit within.


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