My Kitchen Witch

I was asked over at chatabout if I have a Kitchen Witch hanging in my kitchen. For a bit of background, a kitchen witch brings good luck to your endeavours in the kitchen. Since most of my meals these days turn out pretty good I like to think it is working.

kitchen witch

My kitch witch


This one was very simply created. I found the witch itself in a craft shops when I was looking through their discounted Halloween items. I tucked a spring of rosemary and a sprig of bay leaves into it, and attached a wooden spoon. It was ten hung on the wall using a hook shared by a wire and thread dreamcatcher a friend made for me.

I replace the sprigs of rosemary and bay as needed, and at least once a year. Over time they dry and they don’t go off. I did borrow the spoon once, because I needed a spoon that size for what I was doing.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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