Amulet Readings for 2014

Pagan Blog Project 2014

Week 1, Letter A

I decided to do an amulet reading for the upcoming year, then did 2.

The first is a general reading, using the Council of Elders layout of 5 amulets. For the second reading, I chose 1 amulet for each month as a way of determining what my focus should be for that month.

Reading 1 Council of Elders

Council of Elders Layout

Council of Elders Layout

My question was simple – What guidance do the amulets have for me in the coming year?

The reading as a whole speaks to me of fragility, of choices and new beginnings, and of finding my self once more.

Amulet 1 Sprouting Seed

The changes you have planted are now growing. They are at a vulnerable stage now and need careful tending.

Amulet 2 Willendorf Goddess

You are seeking a place and a group where you feel you belong. Your search will continue but know that you already have a place where you belong.

Amulet 3 Ewe

The ewe corresponds to your feelings of self-worth.

Your self-worth has been severely damaged and this will be a year to begin rebuilding and recreating your own sense of self and identity in thie world. As you rediscover your sense of self and your feelings of worth you will better understand where it is that you belong.

Amulet 4 Sheela-na-gig

Many choices will be presented to you in the coming year. Honour them, but know that decisions and choices do not have to be made in haste. Be careful not to lose your self in seeking to find that place where you belong.

Amulet 5 Dreaming Goddess

Focus on your journey work, work with the Spirits. They will guide you.

Reading 2 Month-by-month guidance

Month-by-month amulet guidance

Month-by-month amulet guidance

January – Cat

You have worked hard to regain what you have lost. Make sure you protect it now. Don’t let the actions of another take these things you treasure away from you again. Your choices and decisions in January need to show that you are protecting the ones you love.

February – Dreaming Goddess

A month to focus on dreamwork and journey work. Venture inwards and reflect in this month. Seek wisdom and guidance during your journeys.

March – Eyes

Looking inwards, reflection. Seeing the unseen. Continue your journeywork into the realm you cannot see with your open eyes.

April – Temple

Leadership, Priestess. Remember this month to find the balance between extremes. You may feel you are being pulled in 2 directions. Find the middle path between these 2 extremes. Remember that you are a Priestess.

May – Primal Mother and Child

Unconditional love. Focus your attention this month on your children and on being a mother more than usual this month. Let your work and your focus be on mothering as your children will need you now.

June – Hand with Seeds

A new situation will be presenting itself this month. You are responsible and hold the seeds of change in your hand. They don’t need to be planted just yet. It is OK to just hold onto them for now, and to consider whether or not you want what will frow from these seeds.

July – Frog

This is the month you can let your voice be heard. There is something you will have been keeping quiet about. This month the opportunity to speak up and speak out will be there for you. Choose your words wisely.

August – Owl

Wisdom comes through darkness. Trust where you cannot see. Wisdom, guidance through a dark time. You will make it through to the other side.

September – Triple Spiral

Barriers | Boundaries | Possibilities

This will be a month to look at what is really keeping you from being who you need to be in life.

1. What barriers have you put in front of you, between you and your goals.

2. What boundaries still need to be in palce between you and another? Are those boundaries being honoured or ignored?

3. What possibilities lie ahead? Which do you want to pursue?

October – Spider

Creativity – an opportunity to explore and create will come in this month. It may be something you’ve done before, or something completely new. This is the time to let your creative self have free reign. Explore the possibilities! Remember – even a spider’s web starts with a solid framework. Freedom with limits and boundaries.

November – Laussel Goddess

Moon-times and cycles, womanhood. Changes with your own cycles. Beginnings and endings. The end of an old cycle, the beginning of a new cycle. Look for the rhythms and cycles in your life during this month.

December – Ewe

A month to look back and follow the changes in your own sense of self and your feelings of worth in the previous year.

Are you interested in having an Amulet of the Goddess reading?

I offer Amulet readings via email. The reading includes an image and explanation of each amulet and an indepth interpretation. Readings are available in person for those living in the London Borough of Bromley and parts of SE London, the price will include a small fee to cover travel costs.


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