Paranormal? Experiences

The talking point this week is a look at paranormal experiences. Have I had any? Have you had any?

Feather in flight By Louise Docker from sydney, Australia (Solo Flight) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Feather in flight
By Louise Docker from sydney, Australia (Solo Flight) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I suppose it very much depends on what you consider to be paranormal. Because while I’ve never seen a ghost or spent time in a haunted house, I’ve had lots of casual conversations with spirits and Deities  while doing shamanic journey work, while doing healing work, and while engaged in mundane tasks that leave the mind free.  I have also had many experiences where I have felt the emotional imprints left behind by others.

So, if this is asking have you ever talked to a ghost – my answer would be no and this would be a rather short blog post.

I’m going to interpret it a bit more broadly. A few encounters spring to mind, and I have touched upon some of these briefly in previous posts.

My encounter with Herne, a Horned God.

I shared a full account of my relationship with Herne back in May 2012.So, perhaps an update on that relationship is in order. I separated from my husband in June 2012, and filed for

Image of Cernunnos on Gundestrap Cauldron

Image of Cernunnos on Gundestrap Cauldron

divorce in February 2013. I’ve had a few encounters since then just to assure me that while my marriage may be over, Herne is still with me.

I asked another in the room who is sensitive to such and can actually see them and he told me I had a the head of a man with deer antlers superimposed over my head. Herne.

In the first, while someone was doing some rather nice healing work over my gut (this being where I hold emotions nd as you can gather 2012/2013 was a rather emotionally charged year) I continually felt someone also doing energy healing work at my head. It was rather strange because I could feel the human person kneeling beside me, could feel his hands, could hear him moving occasionally. But I could also feel someone sitting at my head and an intense energy moving into my head and almost inflating it. I didn’t know who or what it was at the time, but when I felt it again during an evening of group shamanic drumming. This time just sitting on my head and shoulders.

I asked another in the room who is sensitive to such and can actually see them and he told me I had a the head of a man with deer antlers superimposed over my head. Herne.

I asked what He wanted, and was told in my head that I needed to start showing him some attention, honouring him as I was honouring Brigid. Okay, I could do that. I began filling a small glass with a bit of whisky on my altar for him and he was happy.

Encounters with Modron

Centerpiece of my altar

Centerpiece of my altar

I don’t have to do journey work as such to speak to Modron. She just tends to slip in and speak to me at times when my body is occupied with mundane tasks like washing dishes or walking in nature and my brain is free to wander.

Recently, Modron hasn’t been coming to speak to me as much as Brigid. It is her that I now honour by lighting a candle and filling a glass with a small amount of water. It is Brigid who asked me to cover my hair during much of 2012, and told me I no longer needed to except during times when I am sitting at my altar and calling upon her. I keep a scarf by the altar for that purpose now.

Emotion Encounters

I am a strong empath. A handy skill for a healer to have, but it can be a bit overwhelming if I don’t shield fully. When I walk into an area I can sometimes feel strong emotions that were generated there, sometimes years previously though recent emotions are more easily read. From these emotional imprints I can sometimes get a sense of what had happened there.

One such was an outpouring of grief felt at a memorial in Belgium dedicated to American soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. I felt that same sort of grief while wandering around a display of the AIDS quilts and listening to the names of all who had died being read out in the background in the early 1990s.

Another emotional imprint came when I walked into the bedroom of an ex-boyfriend over 20 years ago, and knew instantly that not only had he had sex with another woman in that room within the past 48 hours, but also who that other woman had been. Needless to say, I left the room and his house very quickly after that.

Encounters with my Healing Helper

I do not believe that one needs to call upon spirit helpers or ascended masters or any other such beings in order to do energy healing work. That hasn’t stopped one from showing up though.

This particular being told me that its name is Ba’Schel. Spell that how you wish, I’ve come up with many different variations. I call Ba’Schel “it” because it told me quite firmly that it is neither male nor female. Generally, it shows up for me as a bright light. I asked once to see its true form and was shown a very intense light, so bright and shining that I was blinded. Ba’Schel accompanies me when I do shamanic journey work to the Upper World and also stood guard in my Heart Space to protect my fractured soul from further harm while I pulled my self back together after the break up of my marriage.

It was Ba’Schel as well who revealed to me the new Reiki symbol Hado-Nai.

I have looked for information about this particular energy being, but have thus far not had much luck. The name makes me think it is an Angelic being though.

Encounter Through a Spirit Mask


Mareninka, Spirit Mask made by NanLT

I have previously detailed how to create a Spirit Mask and work with the spirit who chooses to reside within. The Spirit I drew in was an ancient elemental Goddess called Mareninka. I was thrilled when, several years later, I came across validated information about Her that corresponded to things she had told me during trance work into the mask.

Your Experiences

How about you? Have you had any paranormal experiences, or experiences that while not really paranormal can’t be explained by conventional knowledge?






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